Crayola sidewalk chalk makes easy activities for grandparents with lots of grandchildren

Lots of Grandkids of All Ages? Crayola Sidewalk Chalk Art & Games to the Rescue!

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It wasn't exactly summer for a few more days but that didn't stop my grandkids and me from enjoying one of the simplest and easiest projects for grandkids of almost any age. Kids' sidewalk chalk art! 

Crayola sidewalk chalk makes easy activities for grandparents with lots of grandchildrenMy grandkids range in age from 1 year on up to 14. On this particular day, I was babysitting several of the grandchildren from 3 – 8 with an extra little 2 year old friend joining in on the fun. I grabbed the sidewalk chalk and hollered for the grandkids and out to the sidewalk we trooped.

They started out with simple sidewalk chalk artSimple pictures PLUS Crayola Sidewalk Chalk PLUS easy to use digital camera makes your family memories last much longer

and then went wonderfully creative.

Getting fancier - and lots of cute pink things in this picture shot with my easy to use digital camera

My grandkids had fun with the crayola sidewalk chalk and granny nanny had fun with my easy to use digital camera taking their pictures

Can you see our shadows? That was a thrill because it was the first sunny day in over a week!

Making grand kids sidewalk chalk art is fun and simple and great when babysitting several grandchildren of various ages

After a bit, they decided to play one of the most famous sidewalk chalk games ever, so Hopscotch was drawn.One of most famous sidewalk chalk games - hopscotch is a lot of fun to make - to play - and to give pictures with an easy to use digital camera

As easy as this is for the babysitter, and as safe as the chalk may be, you definitely still need to watch them. The littlest one decided to decorate the fence. 🙂

Fun sidewalk chalk activities for grandparents and their grandchildren is fun and easy but still requires supervision

Fortunately, I knew it would all wash off after the next rain, which was due any second. 🙂  Crayola sidewalk chalk definitely makes for fun, creative, and easy activities for grandparents and their grandchildren. Don't you think?

I love to remind my grandkids when we see a FROG to Fully Rely On God as this cute country frog clipart reminds us

P.S. I had too many grandkids in too many ages to do anything serious. But wouldn't it be fun to use some of that Crayola sidewalk chalk for some 10 commandments activities for kids and grand children. Like, read one commandment at a time and see what THEY think up for a picture for it. Hmmmmm, now I know what my local grandkids and I will be doing next week soon.  🙂 

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