My grandkids love the extra tools for building in Minecraft - I think the pink things are pretty cool

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How fun - there are even pretty posies in Minecraft - fun for grandsons and granddaughters

My grandkids are ecstatic this week! We've learned we can combine Minecraft mods on their single player games. BUT if you and your grandkids give that a try, I highly recommend doing it VERY slowly – with one mod at a time and making sure you backup the current minecraft first as well as making sure the mod works well before adding more.

We've also discovered some very cool new mods that are fun and very creative. Namely:

  • Furniture mod – lots of extra pieces of furniture to decorate one's abode, be it oh so humble or a full-on castle
  • Galacticraft – make a space ship and go to the moon (one grand-twin's delight) – or just ride around the regular world in the moon buggy (the other grand-twin's delight)
  • Not Enough Items – contrary to the name, this actually gives them TONS more items they can use to build
  • Buildcraft – even more items to use to build and create – like adding a ginormous bucket of LEGOs to your existing little pile of LEGOs. 🙂
My grandkids love the extra tools for building in Minecraft - I think the pink things are pretty cool
There's been a couple of others, but these are my personal favorites due to the creativity they encourage. Always a grand thing to encourage in our grandkids, don't you think? How about you? Have you and your grandkids been doing any building in your neck of the woods – be it Minecraft, LEGOs, wooden blocks, or something totally different?
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