Grandchildren’s Homework Can Be Quite Educational

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Current Events articles for elementary school projects have been around since I was a kid. This week, I had the pleasure of helping one of my grandkids work on a research project that included summarizing three articles from newspapers from the state of Connecticut. We happened to pick one that was about a dog therapist who works and lives in an assisted living home. It was a great story that explained how the presence of this dog and his fellow canine therapist have been so wonderful and truly therapeutic for many of the residents of this care facility. This has been especially true for those suffering from dementia.
My grandchild and I had a good discussion about Alzheimer’s Disease. We also talked about the various kinds of care options available for senior citizens who can’t live alone. Since her great-grandma lives with me, the conversation naturally flowed into alternative care options including family caregiving. It was a great opportunity to share the reasons behind the heritage that is being passed down to her.

What seemed like a basic school assignment opened up many more doors than we expected and we both enjoyed the conversation. Very creative and interesting! And in case you’d also enjoy reading about the therapy dogs, you can find the article at the ConnPost – .



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