Grand Kids Digital Cameras Gift Baskets

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Looking for fun Christmas gift ideas for your grandkids? How about something that is not only fun, but also educational. In fact, it would even be a great addition for homeschooling programs. I’m suggesting the gift of photography by giving them a camera and/or other photography accessories for Christmas.

As you may have noticed, photography is big with my whole family and several of my grandkids already have their own cameras, even the five year olds. Of course, many are hand me downs, or yard sale finds but I’ve been amazed at how good they actually do with them. For most grandkids, you probably would want to wait til they are about 8 to start, or be prepared to spend a lot of extra time helping them.

If the idea intrigues you, here are some things to consider:

  • Choose a small, easy to hold camera that’s not too expensive to start with. I prefer digital as the grandkids can take as many photos as they want and there is no cost for film, other than a memory card or two. There are kids digital cameras which are fun and may be a bit tougher in case of being dropped. Be sure to check the camera reviews for how their quality is. It might be better to buy a regular digital camera for the older grandkids. You could even be extra creative and color coordinate them, such as buying a pink digital camera for a granddaughter. Be sure to include a strap to keep it around their neck so they don’t accidentally drop it. You could even make up some unique Christmas gift baskets by including a camera, one or two memory cards for digital cameras, the strap, an inexpensive case, and a book to show how to take pictures.
  • If you’re looking for a special project for their homeschooling programs, how about introducing them to the principles behind photography by helping them make a pinhole camera. Think how fun it would be to work on making their own pinhole camera this month, then have them open their own regular or kids digital cameras on Christmas day.
  • If they already have a camera, you could encourage them in this hobby by making or buying them an album just for their photos, along with some scrapbook supplies to help them decorate the albums.
  • For older grandkids, many community colleges offer photography classes over the summer months for all ages, including learning to develop your own film, photo editing, and photo taking. You could add a gift certificate for one or more classes to their Christmas gift baskets to make the holiday season last all year long.
  • Don’t discourage them from taking your pictures. Many of us tend to be a bit shy about that, but those will be such a blessing for them down through the years, and the time you spend while they take the pictures will be a blessing in the here and now.

Christmas gift baskets with regular or kids digital cameras and other photography accessories will be special and exciting to most grandchildren, in and of themselves. They could also be the start of a long and enjoyable hobby. Who knows, they might even lead to a future career or be a great help for whatever career field they go into. They will also provide plenty of fun memories for you and your grandkids to share through the years.

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    • Charles Seymour Jr
    • November 27, 2009

    Grand Kids Digital Cameras Gift Baskets |

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    • November 27, 2009

    I never thought of a camera gift basket before your post. We could put a bunch of stuff in the basket like photo paper.

  2. Great idea. Really enjoyed perusing your site. You have some adorable baskets 🙂 Do you have a blog as well?

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