Gourmet Salad to Take Care of the Caregiver

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Once upon a time I made full dinners every night. Healthy ones, not-so-healthy ones. Yummy ones. Not-so-yummy ones. Nowadays I am trying to eat healthier most of the time and watching my calories to at least maintain my weight, if not finally shake loose that last ten pounds. I feel better when my weight is where it belongs and that helps in dealing with all that’s going on. It’s hard though when juggling aging parents and young grandkids and often in-betweeners. The joys of the Sandwich Generation!

It is possible to eat healthy and eat yummy though it does require some willpower. Sometimes I have that, sometimes not so much.

Here’s one of my favorite recipes – a delicious gourmet salad :

Lettuce – my old favorite, iceberg, has been dumped due to overwhelming evidence that it is pretty useless. Nowadays I love baby greens and baby romaine and they are so much healthier.

Tomatoes – I personally love the cherry tomatoes – they are quick and easy, though I think they spoil a bit faster.

Broccoli – I’ve started buying the bags of cut up broccoli. It’s healthy and saves time.

Cabbage – I love red cabbage but to save time, I often use the bags of coleslaw mix – cabbage and carrots shredded up.

Sunflower seeds – I personally prefer roasted/salted – ok, not so healthy but… Honey roasted tastes really good, and even the plain, unsalted are great. Very healthy too!

Raisins – Yummy.

Feta or Blue Cheese – I really like the Treasure Cave brand.

Avocado – I often add 1/2 – 1 avocado to this. Makes a delicious salad even better!

Salad Dressing – I rarely use this. When I do, I really like Paul Newman’s Olive Oil and Vinegar Salad Dressing. What I really love is the Balsamic Vinaigrette from Panera Bread Bakery-Cafe. I’ve bought different ones at the store but they don’t taste as yummy. Anyone know of a brand I can buy that does taste good? If so, please leave the info in the comments section below or send an email to Kaye@SandwichINK.com

I mix up all these ingredients and eat as much as I want. I’ve learned if I have this for dinner, my scales are very friendly to me in the morning. If I have it for lunch, they aren’t quite as friendly. When my weight is where it should be, I have more energy for caregiving duties thus easing caregiver stress!

Do you have a salad idea that is easy and healthy? We’d love to see it. Just leave a comment or send an email for that as well.


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