Got Granddog? Got Two iPhone Pet Apps!

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iPhones are so handy for the busy members of the Baby Boomer Generation, caring for elderly parents and running grandkids all around. iPhone apps make them even more useful! 

When I was doing research for the low vision resources article last week, Boomer and Senior Vision News: Macular Dystrophy Takes Its Toll On Glenn Beck!, which included iPhone medical phone apps, I was very pleased to discover there are even some useful iPhone pet apps to help those of us with a granddog or four. The two that I thought might be the most useful are:

Pet First Aid: for Your Dog, Cat, Puppy, or Kitten – This pet iPhone app is by the same company, Jive, who puts out the American Heart Association's app that I wrote about, iPhone App for the Sandwich Generation: Pocket First Aid & CPR. Definitely worth taking a close look at this one if you have a granddog or  grandcat or your own pet as well. Pet iPhone apps like this are like carrying a book such as First Aid for Dogs or Cats with you everywhere. 🙂

Dog Symptoms – I was interested to note a comment by a veterinarian who wrote that he was impressed with the content in this pet iPhone app. On the other hand, another writer said it was good but the language was a bit scientific (and he has a BS in animal science) so it's probably not for every dog owner. Still and all, it does sound useful.

 How about you? Have you found any great pet iPhone apps for a granddog, grandcat or other Sandwich Generation family pet? We'd love to hear about them. 🙂

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