This Sandwich Generation granny nanny loves Happy Mothers Day clip art for the grandkids

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This Sandwich Generation granny nanny loves Happy Mothers Day clip art for the grandkids

May is host to several fun holidays and celebrations. The two "top dogs" are, of course, Mother's Day and Memorial Day. Very important days for all, and especially for all of us in the Sandwich Generation as many of us are caring for elderly parents including MOMS as well as veterans from one or more of the past wars. My own senior dad was extremely proud of his military stint during World War II in his youth and loved to celebrate all the patriotic holidays, as well as watch World War 2 movies, read books on the subject and listen to the great music from that era (remember the Andrews Sisters?) that he especially loved.

My senior parents LOVED the Andrews Sisters World War 2 music and so does this Sandwich Generation granny nanny

(A particular favorite –  the Black Sheep Squadron TV show episodes!) And from other families I've met, he had a lot of terrific company.

This Sandwich Generation granny nanny loves this cute and easy to use pink digital camera - because its pink AND because its easy to use

May is also National Bicycle Month, National Flower Month, National Photography month (YAY – more good reason to grab that easy to use digital camera and snap away at cute grandkids as well as lovely flora, fauna, and even intriguing fungi!), National Physical Fitness and Sports Month (that one's even officially from the President of the United States !)  and Older Americans Month.  WOW! Plenty of interesting news and info and all perfect for the Sandwich Generation as well as being full of perfectly interesting topics to discuss this month at SandwichINK.

Today, in addition to sharing with all of us in the Baby Boomer and Senior Citizen Generation this wealth of interesting news all about May, I wanted to focus on bikes being fun, physical and healthy senior citizen activities. As I've written earlier, traditional bikes, tandem bikes, and even tricycles for adults are all excellent forms of excercise in general, and can actually be extra good for those of our parents dealing with Parkinsons Disease and its various symptoms including its freezing gait. AND good exercise, including bike riding, can also be excellent for staving off Alzheimers Disease and its symptoms.

Love This Carex Mini Exercise Pedal Bike

Even the little pedal exercisers, like my mini stationary exercise bike, are a good form of exercise and those require little or no balance. We even have a dear friend dealing with dementia symptoms who is able to use one. I also asked a physical therapist about them and she concurred they are a terrific little tool for exercising. 

That makes any of these easier-for-seniors bikes great gifts for the elderly parents and relatives in our family for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas Day, or any day. And isn't that good news for all of us boomers and seniors. 🙂 

I also love patriotic Memorial Day clip art for fun activities for grandparents and their grandchildren

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