Good Friday – Encouragement Verses and Praise and Worship Music for the Sandwich Generation

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Today is Good Friday, the day we remember the crucifixion of our precious Savior, Jesus Christ. Grateful for the GOOD NEWS of His resurrection, coming on Sunday, many of us in the Sandwich Generation spend today headed for Good Friday church services. Others are tied to home, caring for elderly parents who can't be left alone or babysitting young grandchildren. Either way, I would encourage each of us to take some time to read through the account of the crucifixion, which you can find in John 19. I did want to share two of the statements Jesus made from the cross as they are two of my favorite Bible verses!

Jesus, crying out with a loud voice, said, "Father, Into Your hands I commit My Spirit."

Luke 23:46

Jesus…said, "It is finished!" And He bowed His head and gave up His Spirit.

John 19:30

I love that it was His choice! In spite of what all His enemies thought, including satan, HE commited His Spirit; HE gave up His Spirit. Not only that, He chose to submit His will to the Father's! Isn't that a wonderful example for all of us in the Sandwich Generation caring for elderly parents and helping with our grandchildren! What a precious gift in so many different layers!

On a slightly different note for this Holy Week, Good Friday is a wonderful opportunity to spend time in our activities for grandparents and grandchildren by exploring together the significance of this entire week, and especially of Jesus Christ – His crucifixion and His resurrection. Be sure to check out the fun article of ideas I wrote last year for what to do on Good Friday with grandchildren.

For those of us looking for Good Friday activities and things to do for our grandchildren who live far away, the telephone is an ever-wonderful tool. Last night I enjoyed a sweet "sing together" with my two youngest grandchildren. We sang Christ the Lord is Risen Today, When I Survey the Wondrous Cross, and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. 🙂 You know me, I am a firm believer that singing together and listening to our grandkids serenade us with their piano lessons are wonderful activities for grandparents and grandchildren who live far away!  You should have heard that three year old sing such resounding ALLELUIAs as we sang it in round style. 🙂 I was also so blessed the other day when my oldest long-distance grandchild played "When I Survey the Wondrous Cross," which her piano teacher had her study during this Holy Week.

I grew up singing that song each Good Friday and it was such a blessing to hear the next generation learning it and singing it to me! I wanted to bless you with it as well. I love this rendition – O The Wonderful Cross / When I Survey The Wondrous Cross by Chris Tomlin !

It is such a joy in the midst of this week to be able to bless our grandchildren by having a part in teaching them about the significance and importance of this entire Holy Week, and especially of Jesus Christ and His Death and Resurrection! I pray that you will each be blessed with that joy as well!

For more resources and encouragement for the Sandwich Generation caring for the elderly and enjoying holiday activites for grandparents and grandchildren…

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  1. Verses. Good Friday – Encouragement Verses and Praise and Worship Music … Bible!

  2. Good Friday – Encouragement Verses and Praise and Worship Music for the Sandwich Generation

  3. Good Friday – Encouragement Verses and Praise and Worship Music …

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