God’s Eye is On the Sparrow AND On Our Sandwich Generation Families

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Christian Encouragement - The 10 Commandments Wall Art Plaque is a great reminder for the Sandwich Generation granny nanny grand kids & your grand childrenHis Eye Is On The Sparrow is one of those lovely old Christian hymn songs that are such a blessing and a comfort to us. And perfect timing, since Wednesday's posts were all about the 10th of the ten commandments for kids teaching us not to covet and the wonderfully encouraging Bible verses that tell us God will take good care of each of us – as we are reminded when we see a sparrow or other birds.

Even more special today, is the fun news for those of us seniors and boomers who grew up enjoying Andy Griffith on TV – he recorded His Eye is On The Sparrow along with Does Jesus Care on his album, Just as I am

Wasn't that delightful? And so very encouraging to all of us in the Sandwich Generation, caring for elderly parents and babysitting grandchildren. We may not be perfect, but our trust in not in us – or in our circumstances – or in ANYTHING but God Almighty. Have a blessed weekend. πŸ™‚ 

Spiritual Sundays are full of encouraging Bible verses and delightful praise and worship hymn songs and music

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