The Sandwich Generation granny nanny does like sirius satellite radio - online - in the car - in my iphone app - and even in a radio like this

Getting Serious With Sirius Satellite Radio Online or On the Sandwich Generation Granny Nanny iPhone App

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The Sandwich Generation granny nanny does like sirius satellite radio - online - in the car - in my iphone app - and even in a radio like thisWhen I travel with my senior mom, she loves to listen to talk radio. Unfortunately, we live in an area that only gets ONE AM station, with LONG commercials, and shows she's not too fond of. I've tried several of the iPhone apps for radio programs, but they take so long to "stream" and start playing and it was quite frustrating. Then I went to look at Sirius satellite radio online. I was familiar with them as I occasionally rent cars with Sirius satellite radio included at no charge and have really enjoyed the great choices of talk shows, not to mention, a couple of great Christian praise and worship music stations, and her favorite – the Frank Sinatra station, Siriusly Sinatra, with non-stop Sinatra songs sung by a variety of music artists.

My senior mom and I both enjoy Frank Sinatra and his songs and music - on albums or on siriusly sinatra

It turns out they, too, have an iPhone app WITH their service AND they currently have two great trial options. One is for 7 days and no credit card needed. Then I found a 30 day trial that requires a credit card but as long as you quit within the 30 days you won't be charged. PERFECT for this busy Sandwich Generation granny nanny! I've got it all set up in my iPhone now and will be interested to see if it works better AND if she likes it. More to come in a couple of Mondays from now as we give it a test run to see if I'm ready to add it to my list of "most useful iPhone apps" for the Sandwich Generation. See you then!  🙂 

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