Carcassonne is such a fun game for this grandmother and her grandkids

Game Fun for Grandparents and Grandkids!

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Carcassonne is such a fun game for this grandmother and her grandkidsYou should have heard the comments in my car today! 

"Ooooh, I got my Meeple back!" 

"Aha, I got my village! But he took my road."

"You did NOT just steal my village – you did, you did. Aaaaah!!!"

"Hooray, I won!"

Sounds like a foreign language? Naaaaa. It's just my grandkids having fun playing Carcassonne on my iPhones.

I got hooked on this fun, strategic, and dare I say it – addictive – game when a daughter gifted it to my iPhone for my birthday earlier this year. It took me awhile, but once I got the hang of it, I really enjoyed it.

I tried to interest my grandkids in it, but for the longest time, they just weren't that enthralled. But when one was spending the night, he gave it a try with me and loved it. The next thing you know, they all wanted to try it. We've played it one on one, three at a time, and even all four. Plus they can play it alone against the computer (they prefer to play against the maid or the servant, while I have graduated to the count and countess – who are very tough to beat!).

Shhhh, don't tell them, but I've even ordered the board game as a group present for all of them for Christmas. I consider it as good for building critical thinking skills as checkers and even chess. And it's a fun way to spend a snowy afternoon that's too cold for playing outside. 

Have you ever tried this with your grandkids? You can even play with the long distance ones if you are able to set it up correctly. If you need some extra tips, I dug up several great resources that I posted online – just click here. 

Whether it's Carcassonne, checkers, Sequence, or something else, playing games with our grandkids is a fun way to spend time together and a great way to exercise all our brains. My senior mom loves to play Chinese Checkers with her great-grandkids once in while and they all love that. What grand memories we will all enjoy for decades to come. What's your favorite board or iPhone game with your grandkids?

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  1. It makes Amara a bit crazy that Grandma doesn’t have games on her phone! The little girl across the street doesn’t get it either! We do love to play board games — mostly Careers and Sorry! She always seems to win!

  2. Hi Kc, The fun thing is that Carcassonne is also a board game – in fact, shhhh, I just got it for a Christmas gift. Going to be interesting to see how different or similar it is 🙂 We’ve been thoroughly enjoying Trouble lately as well. 🙂 Baby boomer that I am, I remember the same game – only called Aggravation – a very good name for it but lots of fun. 🙂 Have a lovely week.

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