have fun with phonics activities for grandparents and grandchildren using these sight words flashcards for the grandkids sight word list

Snowy Day Fun Ideas With Grandkids, Phonics Sight Words, and Wii Games for Seniors and Grand kids

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More snow days this week for schools all around us but so far not for my grandchildren. Still though, it's been a week of cold weather, rain, bits of snow and mostly inside activities for grandparents and grandchildren around here. We've enjoyed some good books – right now, it's "Farmer Boy," by Laura Ingalls Wilder. Her books were one of my favorite childrens book series as a kid, and I'm thrilled the grandboys are enjoying it as much as the grandgirls. Course, that is the one written about the young boy, Almanzo… 🙂 

Farmer Boy by Laura Ingalls Wilder book activities for grandparents and grandchildren

We had such an interesting time reading out loud (a vital step in teaching a child to read 🙂 ) about the way they took baths in the winter way back then (one at a time in a dinky little barrel the size of  our laundry basket!). And the way they filled an icehouse with cut ice from the lake along with sawdust was so intriguing. I had never realized that method enabled them to keep ice through the hottest of summers! And I must confess, after reading of their -40 degree temperatures, I can't really complain about our +19 temperatures here, even if the snow comes back. 🙂 

have fun with phonics activities for grandparents and grandchildren using these sight words flashcards for the grandkids sight word list

Telling time, adding and subtracting, and fun with phonics activities also kept us busy as we continued to work hard on the important process of "how to teach a child math as well as how to read." Of course, the day also included plenty of fun with the hand held electronic game boy games for the grand kids, not to mention Wii sports tennis games for the kids AND this here not-so-elderly granny nanny. Speaking of which, I have a funny story for you in all this:

My grandsons and I were using using their sight words flashcards for the kids to help them practice their reading. One of the cards I put up read "Will." My first, rather puzzled, reaction was, "They have a card for the word, "Wii?!?!?!?" Then I looked closer and realized it was really saying "WILL." 🙂 Thinking it was just my aging eye changes playing tricks on me, I didn't say anything. Then my grandson triumphantly announced, "Wii." At that, I started laughing like crazy, explained what the word really was, and then he joined me in laughing our heads off. I guess it's definitely a case of the Wii taking over the world, one granny nanny and grandchild at a time! 🙂

A black Wii probably would stay cleaner looking longer - perfect for The Sandwich Generation grandparents and grandchildren

How about you? What indoor educational  activities or fun Wii games have you been up to – for and with your grand kids? Got any snow-day suggestions for all of us in the Sandwich Generation. At the rate this winter is going, we're going to need LOTS of them. And, boy, I am Wiiiii-ly  going to have to work on my Wii skills! My youngest grandson beat me at Wii Sports Tennis – 7 games to my sad little 3 games. I need ALL the help I can get!  It's just too sad when I have to call my senior mom up on her cell phones to give her the sad news I lost AGAIN! 🙂 

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