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Fun Valentines, Free Printables, Plus

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I was going to title this “Fun Valentines, Free Printables and More for the Grandkids” but stopped. I just sent out a boatload of Valentines to grandkids, friends, and neighbors. My senior mom has been sending Valentines and other holiday cards faithfully until just the past year or so (hence my boatload, as I step up to help her with that 🙂 ).

One of my elderly moms greeting cards for grandkids

Greeting Card Joys

Fun Valentines and other cards are sweet joys for all ages. Whether you send them via email, snail mail, or even create them on the computer but then send them in the mail, they are fun to prepare and even more fun to receive.

Fun Valentines and More

Thanks to Tiny Prints, I have a fun treat for you. Originally they had a post with a ton of Valentine coloring pages. Sadly, that is no longer available. But you can use this cute Valentine clip art they shared directly here.

Fun Valentines and Coloring Pages via Kaye Swain Roseville REALTOR and TinyPrints

In addition, here is one I made for you.

Valentine heart coloring page for the Sandwich Generation


You can use them at home for the grandkids to decorate and hang up. Or wouldn’t they be a cute way to send a letter to an elderly relative or two. They can color one side and write a short note on the other. For that matter, you could print out two – one for them to decorate and one to include for the recipient to have fun coloring. Hmmmm, my college beloveds would love something like that, I bet!  They’ve commented coloring pages can be a good stress relief after the finals are done!  🙂

And check out this cute Valentine box Tiny Prints shared with us. And, of course, it doesn’t have to be JUST for Valentines. Wouldn’t this cute Monster Valentine box be fun for some of the grandkids toys, cars, dinosaurs, etc. in?  So fun to use and from the looks of it, very easy to make too!

Be sure to take lots of photos – while you’re having fun creating, and once you’ve got the fun Valentines and the Valentine box done. You might even want to have some fun with photo props.

Fun Valentines and photo props for grandkids via Kaye Swain Roseville REALTOR

However you decide to use these fun and FREE printables from TinyPrints.com and SandwichINK.com, you and your grandkids are bound to have fun. Bet you and your senior parents might as well. 🙂  And many thanks to TinyPrints for graciously sharing these with us. A sweet delight indeed!

Encouraging Love

Christian blogger Kaye Swain shares Encouraging Scripture pictures


Happy Valentine’s Day to YOU

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day! And for those spring and autumn fans like me, take courage – SPRING IS COMING (as this coloring book reminded me)!



We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

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