Fun Senior Gardening Activities Update for Grandma AND Grandsons

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The Sunflower House for our Sandwich Generation family this year is more of a wall due to weather and health - but the grandkids and senior mom love them all

I just got back from visiting my long distance family, including sweet grandkids (wait'll you see the fun and easy crafts and games we enjoyed – coming soon 🙂 ). I enjoyed the visit tremendously but do have to admit that it's nice to be back in my own bed. And what a thrill to see how my senior mom's gardening activities have been growing away!  Check out this Sunflower! Thanks to weather, critters, and health issues, the sunflower house this year is mostly only one "wall" but the grandkids are still thrilled to see what are making it and what aren't. 

This sprinkler is perfect for my Sandwich Generation family - my senior mom uses it for her gardening activities and my grandkids have fun playing in it

And thanks to my senior mom's great watering, with a bit of help from the local grandkids…

The inflatable snake continues to help my senior mom with her gardening activities

and her brilliant idea to try marigolds, not to mention the great inflatable snake we found for the garden…

My senior mom is loving the marigolds and the butterfly bush in her gardening activities

all her plants are doing great, including her lovely butterfly bush! It may be small, but it's definitely sweet! How's the garden growing in your Sandwich Generation family? We'd love to hear! I'm linking this up to Sweet Shot Tuesday which has moved to Kent Weakley's blog, where he's giving away an intriguing ebook, 10 Photo Tricks, free for signing up for his email. Sweet! I just signed up and am looking forward to some fun ideas to make my easy to use digital camera photography even easier. And that's always fun for us grandparents to take pictures of our grandkids! 🙂