Fun Praise Song For Grandparents and Grandkids With A Serious Reminder For Our Hearts

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Love the Lord - coloring pages for Halloween trick or treaters and our grandchildren SIThis past week's Word-Filled Wednesday Scripture was the two greatest commandments, as listed in Luke 10:27. This is a passage I love to share with the grandkids AND keep close to my own heart as well. When looking for a song go with this verse, I discovered Love the Lord Your God by VisitacionMusic.

It's a fun song, reminiscent of the Pink Poodle Skirt type of music! It seemed perfect for this Sunday before Halloween when many of our grandkids are dressing up in Poodle Skirts or other fun eras (like my older grandchild and her 80s outfit – we had such fun shopping for that together. 🙂 ).

And speaking of grandkids, I'm off and running to join them for church. Have a blessed and beautiful Sunday! 

Spiritual Sundays are full of devotionals with encouraging Bible verses to bless the Sandwich Generation boomers and seniors busy caring for the elderly parents while babysitting grandchildren

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  1. As a child and an adult, I feel closest to God through music. What a lovely reminder. Happy Sunday!


  2. Hi Traci, I do love worshipping with music as well – such a sweet joy.

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