Wooo - is it crop circles - nope - just another fun time in the wading pool for the Sandwich Generation granny nanny and grandkids

Fun Pool Times for This Sandwich Generation Family!

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Oh my gracious – does this Sandwich Generation grandmother have – gasp – CROP CIRCLES in her back yard? Nope! That’s just what happens to the grass after we dump out the water from our fun little wading pool

Wooo - is it crop circles - nope - just another fun time in the wading pool for the Sandwich Generation granny nanny and grandkids

Oh yes, I know, my local grandkids have ALL outgrown these little vinyl swimming pools. And I took their word for it last year and didn’t put one up. Guess what! It’s HOT. And if there’s just one or two grandboys over, it really is a nice way to cool them down while they have fun with whatever plastic toys they find to float with them.

My grandkids love to grab some of their planet hero people to play with in the plastic wading pool

It’s easy to fill, easy to empty (we park it close to the Sunflower House garden and use a lot of the water to irrigate that area), and it’s even nice for my senior mom and me to pop our feet into. You’d be amazed how just cooling your feet off can cool the rest of you off! It’s probably not big enough for my senior mom to do any serious pool exercise in. Then again, she could probably walk around it on a day that’s just too hot to head around the block. Hmmmm, I’ll have to share that idea with her.

Having a wading pool that is easy to drain definitely helps save time when dealing with the various Sandwich Generation issues

My grandkids have enjoyed it throughly and summer just started. Even the Robins, Cardinals, and other birds have been eyeing it cautiously. I suspect that if we didn’t empty it each night, they’d be tempted to take it over. 🙂

My grandchild is playing happily while I'm making notes about some of the Sandwich Generation issues I'm juggling

It’s definitely a refreshing way for me to do a little writing about the Sandwich Generation issues while they enjoy a cool and peaceful play time. And on those days that aren’t quite as warm, just heat some water in 2-3 pans and it will warm the pool up in no time. Definitely a fun summer idea for our family. How about you? How are you and your family staying cool?

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