Fun Physical and Leisure Activities for Senior Citizens and Their Grandkids To Keep Our Bodies and Brains Active

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Adaptive Clothing & Footwear by Silvert's is a grand resource for the Sandwich Generation boomers and seniors!

To quote my senior mom's favorite news weatherman, "Get ready for some up and down temperatures (mostly DOWN)!" That's pretty much been the weather for the last few weeks and it definitely makes fun and physical activities for grandparents and grandchildren a bit more of a challenge. 

But jump ropes for fun physical activity,

Grandparents looking for fun activities and exercises for grandchildren on cold winter days might invest in a jump rope or 3

chess and checkers games to exercise our brains,

So glad I had the foresight to buy chess and checkers sets for activities for grandparents and their grandchildren which continue to be fun for this Sandwich Generation granny nanny and her grandkids as the weather keeps us inside

(can you believe he beats me most of the time!)

I have such a smart grandson - his queen is ready to take my king with any move EXCEPT if I capture his queen - in which case his bishop will get me - I lost big time - but won with lots of laughs and smiles

and, of course, Webkinz stuffed animals games and Wii sports games like tennis and bowling for both mental AND physical health,

Grandma and grandson had the best time playing great Wii games for kids and senior citizens like sports bowling

are doing a great job of keeping us SNOW busy and active!

P.S. My easy to use digital camera coupled with fun special effects like Boost and HDR-ish using just added to our Sandwich Generation family fun, along with saving our sweet memories to savor.  If you'd like more fun photos and special effect ideas, just pop over to Sweet Shot Tuesday. πŸ™‚

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