Encouraging Bible verses for the Sandwich Generation granny nanny and grandkids

Fun Ways to Share Encouraging Bible Verses with Our Senior Parents and Our Grandkids

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Encouraging Bible Verses

One of the things I love to do is add encouraging Bible verses to cute photos and put them in various spots where my senior mom, grandkids, and I can all see them.

Encouraging Bible verses for the Sandwich Generation grandparents and grandkids

For years, I hung them in the bathroom and bedrooms and other rooms. Nowadays, because I’m in a rental, I am less likely to hang them on walls. but – as you probably know – I love to decorate my cell phone and computers with them.

Creative iPhone Apps

This week, I had fun playing with some new-to-me iPhone apps:

  • Some free wallpaper apps – I love to “buy” these when they are free BUT if you also like them (they are just lots of background photos to use as-is or edit for cell phone wallpaper) be cautious. As I paged through all the photos I did find some that I would not want my grandkids to see. So I put them on, use the one or two I like, and take them right back off again.
  • Font and graphic apps – Phonto (puts cute labels on my photos), Instaquote (no photos, just quotes I type in with their intriguing backgrounds and fonts), and my personal favorite, Color Cap, which lets me add words directly to the photos, picking the font, size, and color. Like these two variations of Psalm 31:24 with pink vs. a maroonish font:




Of course, I can do the same thing online with PicMonkey – or with a graphics program like Photoshop Elements. But using the Color Cap app makes these so quick and easy I can literally have a new one made while standing in a long and boring line. And I love that when my grandkids pick up my cell phone, or my senior mom is browsing through her photos on her iPad, God’s Word is there to encourage them and set a positive example for them. For that matter, I can’t tell you what a spirit lifter it is for me, on a tough day, to see those words right there. (Talk about “caring for the caregiver”) And when I’m tucking them into bed, and so tired I don’t even have the energy to find a long book and read it, I can read the two verses in my iPhone to them quickly and easily. (They’re a great way to help grandkids memorize school Bible verses too! 🙂 ).

Grandkid Smiles

My grandsons love the ocean photos while my granddaughters are pinkies all the way, so we really liked the pink font best with these gorgeous flowers. Which did you prefer – the pink or the maroonish font? 🙂


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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog — I enjoyed visiting yours. You are very good at technology! Hope you’re having a good weekend.

  2. Kaye,
    I don’t know you but I think I know your life. Very well written post and I like the maroon on pink. God does take us on so many journeys throughout our lives. May you find encouragement in your daily walk. Much Love,
    I will follow on Google+

  3. I am so glad you shared this. I try to get as much Scripture as possible in not only my grandchildren but me, too! Nothing thrills my heart more than to hear my grands quote scripture. My daughter’s family sings often in church and the young ones always quote go-along Scriptures before starting the song.

  4. I do not have a smart phone….but a brand new Galaxy tablet! This is a huge hit with the Littles and games have been loaded for sure. I was so excited to have both front and rear cameras…..but have not managed to utilize for fun yet! Thank you for these suggestions, Kaye! I also love how you’re incorporating scripture into their lives in a fun way! I teach Sunday school to 1st graders….got some great ideas here!!!

  5. I love the ocean background the best but then I have a thing for the ocean. It is such a peaceful place.

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