Easter resurrection eggs activities for grandparents and their grandchildren

Resurrection Eggs and LEGOs Easter Activities for Grandchildren

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As I’ve written before, my grandchildren are major LEGO brick enthusiasts – whether new or old, they love their LEGOs! The other day, while we were enjoying hiding, finding, opening, and retelling the Easter story during this season of Lent 2011 while using our Easter Resurrection Eggs, I had a bit of a brainstorm. We made our own Easter Resurrection Eggs using my grandkids old LEGOs I asked them if they’d like to help me create a personalized Easter Resurrection Eggs set using their old LEGOs. Of course, they immediately said, “NO!” Taken aback a bit, I thought, “hmmmm,” and let the subject drop, though I did purchase 12 extra large plastic Easter eggs.

A few days later, the younger two were at the dentist, and big bro and I were working on a boat project that led us into their playroom with all their drawers of new and old LEGOs. While he was working on his boat, I started looking through the drawers for ideas of how to make various pieces of the Easter story for the Resurrection Easter Eggs. After a few minutes, he got intrigued as well, and started helping me. (Yup, I was hoping that would happen. 🙂 ). By the time the grand-twins got home, Big Bro and I had all the eggs filled and promised them we would use them soon. Here’s what we came up with:

1. Palm Sunday – donkey and palm frond. For my first effort, it was pretty funny so when my grandson laughed and laughed at the top figure – my donkey – I was laughing right along with him. It originally had long skinny legs that made it more recognizable (though not by much), but they wouldn’t fit in the egg. Then I was just going to use the palm frond from their old LEGOs but decided to go with both. I got the last laugh though when one grand-twin opened it and immediately said – “it’s the donkey Jesus rode into Jerusalem.” Of course, Big Bro wisely pointed out the palm frond gave it away but it still gave us all a fun chuckle.

My donkey is not so hot but with the palm leaf - my grandson immediately realized it was entering Jerusalem for this one of the Easter eggs

2. Last Supper – bread and wine. These two pieces represented the bread and the wine. I have to say, I was quite proud of one of my grandchildren when he opened it, and said, “This must be the bread and cup from the dinner – the cup reminds us of the blood of Christ.” WOW! It’s always a sweet blessing when you realize what you’ve been teaching your grandchildren, and what they’re learning from others at church really is being understood. Very encouraging! 

These are the bread and wine for the Easter Resurrection Eggs activities for grandparents and grandchildren

3. 30 pieces of silver. These three silver buttons represent the 30 pieces of silver Judas got for betraying Jesus.

These old LEGOs buttons worked nicely to represent the 30 pieces of silver in our Easter Resurrection Eggs for granny nanny and grandboys

4. The Whip. This whip from their Indiana Jones LEGOs reminds us of the way the guards beat Jesus during the trial.

This whip from their old Indiana Jones LEGOs will be a good addition to the Resurrection Easter Eggs this granny nanny loves to share with her grandchildren

5. Crown of Thorns. OK, I admit it’s not the greatest, and I’d have preferred all brown but couldn’t find them. But this was our crown of thorns. It does have to be scrunched to fit in the eggs, even though I bought a set of bigger eggs.

Not the greatest - I would have preferred all brown - but this was our crown of thorns - round and jagged - but a bit big for the Easter Resurrection Eggs so we have to fold it a bit

6. The Cross. These two pieces work well to be a cross that is imperfect and stark.

For the Resurrection Easter Eggs activities for grandparents and their grandchildren these two pieces worked well as the cross


7. Dice. My grandson, scooped these three old LEGOs up, rattled them in his hand, and said, “These are the dice they used to gamble for Jesus’ clothes.”

Simple and perfect to rattle and roll - using as the dice in our Old LEGOs version of the Easter resurrection eggs for grandparents and their grandchildren

8. Spears. We found spears from their old LEGOs to remind us of when the guards stuck a spear into the side of Jesus to see if He was truly dead. Because He was, they didn’t have to break his legs – fulfilling yet another prophecy.

These spears are to remind us of the spears they put in Jesus to test if He was dead


9. Burial robe. This simple piece was our white blanket that covered Jesus.

Even simpler - this was our robe for our old LEGOs resurrection Easter eggs for grandparents and their grandchildren

10. and 11. Tomb and the Rock to cover the Tomb. We put these into two separate eggs. One is the grave tomb, and the round piece is the stone in front of the tomb.

These were the rock and the tomb for our old LEGOs Resurrection Easter Eggs

Here’s a more detailed picture of the pieces for these two eggs. Notice the brown piece attached to the grey round LEGO. That was to help it fit properly in the opening.

Here's a more detailed picture of the pieces for the tomb AND for the rock in front of the tomb for our Easter Resurrection eggs using my grandkids old LEGOs

12. EMPTY. This last of the Easter Resurrection eggs is empty, because, as my grandsons will tell you quite loudly, “JESUS IS ALIVE!”

As my grandchildren love to say loudly - This Resurrection Easter Egg is EMPTY because JESUS IS ALIVE

Later that afternoon, they came over to my house for an hour. So we grabbed our new Resurrection Easter Eggs and big bro hid them all around the living room. The grand-twins had fun finding them. Then we sat down and opened them. I hadn’t had a chance to make a color code chart or number them, so we jumped around in the story, but still had a lovely time of talking about the sweetly familiar and always wonderful story of Jesus and His major sacrifice because He loved us so much!

Easter Story with Legos Activities Grandchildren Grandparents

Easter Resurrection Eggs are great ways to help our grandchildren learn the Easter story in a different way. They’re not just hearing about it, they’re touching it, feeling it, talking about it. And when you have fun with educational activities like these – whether with old LEGOs, cute Happy Holidays Easter clipart, or another way, you’re adding yet another dimension to the way they learn these vital truths. That’s good news for all our grandchildren, including those in homeschooling programs, and especially for those with special needs including autism.

What a delightful and special day full of grand activities for grandchildren and grandparents – sharing stories about Jesus using LEGOs?  If you give this Easter Resurrection Eggs project a try – with old LEGOs or something else, we’d love to see your photos as well. 🙂

If at first you do not succeed with grandchildren - it can pay for granny nanny to try again in a different wayKaye

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  1. Very neat! My kids also love legos, and I bet they would get a kick out of this!

  2. Wow I love this idea I really do, thanks very much

  3. Hi Carletta, We had a lot of fun with it! And be sure to read today’s article – wait til you see the cool White House modeled in LEGOs, read about the four wonderful LEGO architecture landmark series sets, which includes the Sears Tower and Rockefeller Center. I had NO clue! We might be able to do some with the old LEGOs they already have, but I can tell I will NEVER run out of cool projects to buy for my LEGO-loving grandkids! 🙂

  4. Hi Mum, Thank you so much. That’s such a blessing to hear! 🙂

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