My Easter Basket by Mary Manz Simon is perfect for some easy Easter crafts for kids and seniors to enjoy together

Fun, Easy, and Yummy Easter Crafts for Grandkids

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I Love Christian Easter clipart from Trina and Friends

I got to help at my grandkid's school last week and discovered a couple of fun and easy crafts for kids that are all easy for us seniors as well! Perfect for those of us in the Sandwich Generation, dealing with the multigenerational issues of caring for elderly parents as well as babysitting grandchildren. 

One of our Easter traditions with the grandchildren is Resurrection Easter Eggs

Since we're in the midst of Lent 2011, with Easter right around the corner, I wanted to share the Easter craft for the kids today. They were working on a foamy craft project that was just peel and stick pieces and it was all about the true story of the crucifixion and Easter using foam jelly beans. I asked where they got the kits and they thought it was Oriental Trading Company. I checked there and either the projects were from a past year OR Oriental Trading Company is sold out for this year. So I decided to come up with my own project, using my very favorite of all the Easter stories for children, My Easter Basket by Mary Manz Simon, that I've shared before. My Easter Basket by Mary Manz Simon is perfect for some easy Easter crafts for kids and seniors to enjoy togetherIt also uses the different colors in the Easter basket to share the gospel with children:


  • Green – to remind us of Palm Sunday when Jesus rode into Jerusalem
  • Purple – The Last Supper – the bread and the wine (grape juice)
  • Red – Jesus showed just how much He loved us by dying and shedding His blood for us
  • Brown – The grave where His body was laid
  • White – The angel who announced, "He is risen." Or, as my grandkids and I love to shout, "JESUS IS ALIVE!"
  • Yellow – Reminds us of the Sun on Easter Sunday and what the SON of God – God Himself, did for us on Easter Day! John 11:25

These little toys are powerful reminders to grandkids of Jesus Christ - His death - and His resurrectionThose of you who have read some of my posts on the Resurrection Easter Eggs, including the set we made out of their old LEGOs, have probably noticed definite similarities. Me, too! 🙂 I would do each on different occasions, and then remind them about the other project as you do it. That way, they don't get too tired of it. But each project definitely reinforces the other, as well as the vital message of the gospel, in a way kids of all ages can really understand. 

Buy plenty of jellybeans (if you have as many grandkids as me, you might want to put in for a bulk jelly beans order 🙂 ). Put one of each of the colors of jellybeans into plastic Easter Eggs for the grandkids. Sitting at the table, or outside, (because of the Jelly beans are a tasty addition to these fun and easy Christian Easter crafts for kids and seniorsstickiness), read the book, while the kids move the correct color of jelly bean from one egg shell to the other. When you have finished the story, they can then enjoy eating the jelly beans.
Add to this by having colored construction paper in these six colors. Help the grandkids to cut out "jelly beans" in the right color and draw a picture to represent the different parts of the Easter story. Then put the paper jelly beans into a big glass jar. You can find mason-style jars at most stores – probably even the Dollar Store. What a pretty Easter decoration that would make for their bedroom, to help them remember the different parts of the Easter story.  Construction paper is another part of these fun and easy Christian Easter crafts for grand kids and the seniors who love them
While they aren't quite as easy as opening the package and sticking on the foamy stickers I spotted at their school, they are definitely easy crafts for us seniors and our grand kids and a yummy and fun way to share the Easter story with them. And as for the other project we worked on? I'm saving that for a future post. Have a happy weekend with your Sandwich Generation family preparing for Easter! And yes, if you know where we can find the foamy set, we'd LOVE to hear. 🙂 
Our grandkids and I would have fun using a chocolate jelly bean candy mold to make Christian Easter crafts and surprises.jpg
P.S. If you really wanted to get extra creative, you could even make up your own candy eggs with these cute jelly bean chocolate candy molds I discovered. Aren't they adorable? Bet our grandkids would get a kick out of them too. 🙂 
P.P.S. Since easy crafts for kids and seniors are some of my FAVORITE things, I'm joining in with Laurie for her Favorite Things Saturday. 🙂 
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  1. Oh, what a great post–and it looks like you’ve been having lots of fun with your grandkids!!! Happy Pink Saturday–I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!

    • Alicia
    • April 10, 2011

    This was such a fun post to read, Such a great idea and what fun to make this with your grandchildren. Really glad that I found your blog.

  2. Kaye, what great ideas you have for teaching the grands without them knowing you’re teaching them! Thank you for sharing them for Favorite Things. laurie

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