Fun Christmas Activities With Grandchildren

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Kaye Swain Roseville CA blogger real estate agent sharing Advent and Christmas smiles and encouragement for caregivers and clients everywhereDo you know the three gifts the Wise men brought to Jesus when He was born? I do. Do you know the names of all of Santa’s reindeer? As many Christmas movies as I’ve enjoyed, you’d think I’d know that one, but I don’t. Are you wondering why I’m asking all these questions? My oldest grandchild came to visit today and we had the most delightful time playing a Christmas trivia game she brought home from school.

I’m happy to report I got a 75%, which in California would have been passing. When we finished that sheet, we wanted to play another Christmas guessing game, so I went to my computer. I was sure I could easily find a bunch of Christmas trivia quizzes on the internet to print out. Wrong! It took me half an hour and about six different ways of asking Google to find two interesting puzzles. And I can’t tell you how many spammy sites I landed on! I would definitely not suggest letting the kids look for these without supervision! We were quite pleased with the sites we finally came up with and, in order to save you all that hard work, here they are:

Many of these jokes, riddles, and trivia question might also be fun and easy to do on the telephone as well, or by mail or email. You could email one or more to a grandchild in another state. They could email you back the answers. Even faster, use texting with your grandkids, and have fun doing it all at the same time and save the cost of the phone call. I love doing that with my grandkids. That’s one of my ways of sending them hug along with these fun activities.

Have fun building more memories with your grandchildren. Merry Christmas.

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