The Sandwich Generation granny nanny and grandkids are really liking these touch typing lessons and games for kids and grand children

Fun and Free Touch Typing Games for Kids (Not To Mention Grandparents)

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Popular words for learning to typeWOOHOO! I just took a typing test online and it looks like I still have my 80 or so words per minute speed. I wasn’t super familiar with the site so I didn’t click exactly when I finished AND I fixed two mistakes. Even with all that, I ended up with 70 words per minute. So the actual should be higher. That does make this Sandwich Generation grandmother, flirting with senior citizen status, quite happy, I must say.

It also helped remind me that touch typing is one of my skills I DEFINITELY want to pass on to my grandkids, if possible. And being right smack dab in the middle of the Sandwich Generation, I can definitely help my local grandkids with that. But where to start?

The site I tested myself at was good, but better for adults. Never fear, though. The BBC is there to help us out! Check out this cute touch typing site for kids! It’s colorful, interesting, easy, and I LOVE the accents! I’ve already started my grandkids on their first lesson, all about the home row. Talk about great educational ideas for grandkids in traditional classrooms as well as those in home school programs. They even have print outs for practicing off the computer. 🙂

My grandkids and I still love Webkinz stuffed and virtual animals and I was delighted to spot Lunch Letters - one of the fun touch typing games for kids and grand children.jpgNot only that. One of our old favorites, Webkinz World, has an arcade game – Lunch Letters – which lets them practice typing. It wouldn’t work to teach them. The letters just come willy nilly. But it is a fun way to practice what they learned at the BBC site. And since my grandkids and I all still love the cute Webkinz stuffed and virtual animals (I just updated us all at Christmas), that makes us happy typing campers. 🙂 What do you think?

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