Fun and Educational iPhone Apps for Grandkids Are Great Tools for the Sandwich Generation

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I don’t know about you, but I consider my iPhones to be some of my favorite tools for busy parents or grandparents in the Sandwich Generation! I have my current iPhone 7plus for my use with plenty of grandkid games on it, and my old iPhone 6 as my backup with room for games, stories, music and more for the grandkids. Not to mention my iPhone 4 that is strictly for books and Bible tools for me and even more goodies for the grandkids.

I love my AT&T Apple iPhone - its great for the Sandwich Generation dealing with the varied issues of caring for elderly parent s

On a road trip, when grandkids are getting bored and sibling rivalry is about to rear its little head – i hand out iPhones to each – or set up a rotation sequence if there are more than three. Standing in line with a grandkid and a senior mom – iPhone time! Unexpectedly finding ourselves at the doctor’s at the last minute with senior mom and grandchild? Still no prob – Β I never go ANYWHERE without extra iPhones. Cha-ching! And I’m not referring to money. I’m talking peace and quiet and happy kids AND seniors. Even better – a good portion of my best kid games apps are educational as well as being fun!

I have noticed one interesting development though and thought I’d mention it for others who may be scratching their heads as well. Often, after grandkid use, my iPhone 4s text messages don’t beep at me like they are supposed to. I don’t know if the grandkids are accidentally clicking on something or if there is a game app conflicting with my settings. And with as many things as I’ve got on my cell phone, I’m not likely to figure it out any time soon. I have learned, however, to check my text message settings and reset them whenever I get the iPhone back, whether it seems to need it or not. That seems to have solved the problem. πŸ™‚

And if you’re wondering if I’ve added to my list of best iphone apps for kids, the answer is a happy YES! Here’s a few of my fave new iPhone apps for our kids and grandkids:

One of my grandkids’ favorite educational game websites used to be JumpStartΒ with many educational and fun iphone apps for kids as well as pc games.

Backgammon – One of my grandsons decided to give this a try and we found a free app, along with several paid apps available. I used to play this board game with his grandpa years ago. This past month, my grandson and I tried it as a board game but I have forgotten all the ins and outs of it and to be honest, I was never that fond of the game. So I love that he can enjoy playing backgammon, a game that is good for developing critical thinking skills, via my iPhone. πŸ™‚

Sonic Hedgehog apps – OK – I admit it. This one is just plain “sugar-sweet candy” for the grandkids – game-wise. And boy, do they LOVE it. πŸ™‚

That’s it for now. But there’ll be more soon! Do check back regularly for more fun tips and useful iphone apps for the grand kids, not to mention all of us boomers and seniors grandparents in the Sandwich Generation. πŸ™‚ And enjoy!


Updated 2017

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