St Patricks Day Coloring Page with teddy for the Sandwich Generation grandkids copy

Fun and Easy St Patricks Day Crafts and Activities for Grandparents and Grandkids

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St Patricks Day Coloring Page with teddy for the Sandwich Generation grandkids copy

Got your green on? It’s OK if you don’t. St Patricks Day isn’t til next Saturday. But then again, if you happen to visit grandkids between now and then but NOT on the actual day, you and they might enjoy some green fun even before the 17th. As I’m always telling my grandkids, special days are special because of the people we love – NOT because of the dates on the calendar. So if you can’t be together on an actual event, whether it’s a birthday or a holiday – celebrate it on a different day and have a blast! It’s the love and time together that is the biggest blessing. And isn’t that a good thing for all of us in the Sandwich Generation? With our crazy schedules, that can often be the only way we CAN do special things together. 🙂 

So whether you celebrate St Patricks Day with the grandkids ON the 17th or OFF, here are some fun and easy crafts and activities for all of us seniors and kids:

  • A St Patrick Potato Head – Along with other cute ideas from Enchanted Learning. Easy, fun and cute. AND it reminds me of the time we had a baked potato potluck in honor of St Patricks Day. We each brought our own potatos to bake in the microwave along with different toppings. It was a fun, easy and delicious way to celebrate the holiday together. Hmmmm, could be fun for grandkids, senior parents, or BOTH.
  • Fun St Patricks Day Hats  – my grandkids and I had a blast with these a few years ago. VERY cute! And very easy crafts for all ages – from the kids to the seniors!
  • St Patricks Day Leprechauns – So adorable. And I bet even my “macho” grandsons might have fun with these – we’ll be giving them a try in a few days! So start saving your toilet paper tubes! There’s even a video to show how to do it – just wait for the commercial to finish and voila!
  • St Patricks Day Flowers – Whether the grandkids chip in on this or not, it’s fun and cute to decorate your house or that of your senior parents!
  • St Patricks Day Slimy Fun – I really enjoy the cute ideas Sidetracked Sarah comes up with. I’m not sure if she’s going to do a St Patricks Day post but I loved her Slime recipe post – and if you colored it all green, it’s perfect for St Patricks Day fun with the grandkids!

And, of course, there’s always coloring pages – a favorite amongst my grandkids. Here’s a St Patricks Day fun one for you and YOUR grandkids – both in color (above) AND in black and white! 🙂




How about some fun Irish music to accompany your craft time? Enjoy the Irish Rovers – a favorite from my baby boomer past. 🙂 

So now, what are you and YOUR Sandwich Generation family thinking of doing for St Patricks Day? We’d love to hear! 🙂

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