My grandkids love Webkinz stuffed animals - including their black bat - quite cute as long as he is this plush

Fun Activities and Ideas for Grandparents and Grandchildren to Celebrate Plush Animal Lovers Day During the Harvest Season

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My grandkids love Webkinz stuffed animals - including their black bat which is quite cute as long as he is this plushWOO-HOO – if you are babysitting grandchildren today, you and they may be as excited as my grandkids and me to learn that, per Holiday insights, today is Plush Animal Lover’s Day. While this would be fun in and of itself, with Halloween right around the corner, this could also be a cute time to incorporate some of the fun sides of Halloween if your grandkids celebrate it.  For this Sandwich Generation granny nanny, I thought it would be fun to plan some cute ideas for all of us for a fun time with our grandkids, using some of their most loved Webkinz stuffed animals, my favorite country clipart, and more.

Cute Webkinz stuffed plush animals like this Webkinz bengal tiger are fun to play with and have the perfect autumn fall colorsMy grandsons’ favorite plush animals include their bats and the Bengal tiger – perfect colors for this harvest season.

The grandgirls, though, are more into pretty pink poodles. Not too harvest colored, but a cute mask from last year could help. What do your grandkids like?

Webkinz stuffed plush pink animals like this cute poodle are always a hit with my granddaughters and a cute mask makes it extra fun

Fun activities can include:

Making animal masks or hats out of paper plates – check out this cute turtle my granddaughter made at school this week! 🙂

The Sandwich Generation Granny Nanny loved her grandchildrens easy school crafts for kid and seniors

Animal games – one easy one would be to change Simon Says” to “Stuffed Tiger says”  – using one of their favorite animals – or alternating them for different grandkids. That’s a fun one for getting the “wigglies” out.

The Sandwich Generation granny nanny and grandkids love Melissa & Doug and this plush animals bowling set is perfect fun for Plush Animal Lover DayPlush Bowling Fun – either using a bowling set like this cute Melissa and Doug stuffed plush monster bowling set or by setting up several of their Webkinz stuffed animals and using any small plastic ball to roll them down.

Animal paper and pencil games – word search, dot to dot, or simple coloring pages like this coloring page I made using cute country clipart. I uploaded it to PicMonkey (my fave photo editor to enhance and resize pix – it’s free, tho it does have an enhanced premium option as well) , turned it into a coloring page by using their “pencil sketch” effects, and then added the encouraging Bible memory verses for my grandkids…and yours. 🙂 For that matter, wouldn’t this be a cute addition to candy treats for trick or treaters??? 🙂 

The Sandwich Generation granny nanny loves sharing these cute coloring pages with grandchildren AND trick or treaters

Children’s Tea party – this is especially fun if you have a child’s toy tea set with animals on it, or perhaps some unique and collectible teapots or tea kettles like this cute giraffe.

For a  little girls or boys plush animals day tea party - I love unique and collectible teapots and tea kettles like this giraffe

I usually serve pretty pink or red “tea” *(I use no-sugar fruit juice) with animal graham crackers. If I was going with a harvest motif, though, I’d use orange juice.

And speaking of a Halloween motif, if that’s what you go with, you can finish off the fun with turns on the computer playing Webkinz online or on the Webkinz app as they are totally decked out for Halloween and Harvest time.

Whether you combine these fun plush old or new Webkinz pets with Halloween or keep it simply to the cute plush animals themselves, it will make for delightful activities for all of us grandparents and grandchildren – in or out of the Sandwich Generation. 

Christian Bibles for kids include the Action comic Bible books for kids to study

P.S. I often give my grandkids toys and other gifts as well as, or instead of candy. One year, I gave each of them one of the graphic/comic Bibles. These books are great for kids who might have a hard time with reading. 🙂

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  1. Lots of great ideas! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Thanks Jillian 🙂

    • Lynn
    • October 30, 2011

    well who knew there was a plush animal day?!! Must let the grand girls know about this. Great post Kaye. I am sorry I haven’t been by to visit lately. For some reason I could not get to your blog last Saturday. Things seem to be fine today. Happy Halloween xo

    • Olivia Parazine
    • October 30, 2011

    How sweet thank you for sharing!

  3. Hi Lynn, Thanks for the heads up. I know my blog host was down a few days ago, that might have been it. 🙂 Have fun with those Webkinz or other cute stuffed animals and the grand girls. 🙂

  4. You’re very welcome, Olivia 🙂

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