Mens full elastic waist sweat pants can be great comfort clothing for the elderly seniors in our lives - men AND women

Full Elastic Waist Pants and Jeans are Comfort Clothes for Seniors – Men AND Women

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Great resources for comfortable clothes for elderly women

August has turned out to be the month for surgeries for our family the last couple of years! I’ve learned a lot while caring for the elderly parents and relatives dealing with those and still haven’t had a chance to share all the new tips from them. I’ll get there though. Just for you, who are also dealing with the Sandwich Generation issues of life. 🙂 

Mens full elastic waist sweat pants can be great comfort clothing for the elderly seniors in our lives - men AND womenOne new thing I learned, that actually was an old thing, is that the full elastic waist jeans and pants that were such a big help to my senior dad in the end stage of Parkinsons Disease are also helpful for elderly women before and after surgery. When the hospital gave us paperwork that recommended easy-on – easy-off pants, we did a wardrobe check and some shopping. The easiest, of course, was the elastic sweat pants that are so nice and cozy. We decided on a size larger than the norm and wanted the thick warm ones, as my sweet senior freezes easily normally and knew it would be worse in the hospital. We had to go to four stores and finally found some that offered great choices of pants for elderly men in the men’s department at Walmart. Turns out those mens elastic waist pants for seniors worked well for women too. Especially after a tummy area surgery! Then I checked my own closet and found a couple more that worked well for her – good enough that she even returned two of the four she bought, since she prefers snugger pants – while I like plenty of “room to breath.”

I wasn’t too worried, though, if we hadn’t found them locally. I knew the same resources I found for my senior dad and other elderly men in our family, which I wrote about in Senior Mens Elastic Waist Pants, along with the resources I wrote about in Help for The Family Caring for Elderly Parents Who Are Stroke Patients – Part 3, would have helped us here as well.

If she should decide to get a bit dressier style of full elastic waist pants or jeans, we’ll find plenty of those for women at these sites as well as well as men. Like this nice looking pair from Amazon:

Not to mention Silvert’s Adaptive Clothing and Footwear and Blair.

In this arena, we’ve found online often offers more choices than locally. How about you? What are your favorite stores for the comfort clothing for elderly senior women AND men in your Sandwich Generation family – local or online? We’d love to hear.


P.S. Here are some quick links – for elastic waist pants for men and women.

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    • Donnie
    • September 8, 2011

    The elastic is really helpful and I love pockets. I carry my keys and a small wallet in my pockets all the time. The grands have a tendency to lock me out…lol..

  1. I’m with you, Donnie, – pockets are awesome and side or full elastic waist jeans and pants are great for the fluctuating waistline of this Sandwich Generation granny nanny. And, oh no! I haven’t had the locked out part, but that’s coz, like you, I do keep my keys in my pocket. Doubly glad now 🙂 Have a terrific week.

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