Frugal Tip for the Sandwich Generation: Save Big Bucks on Clothes and More!

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I don’t know about you, but with nine grandkids I LOVE great prices on clothes for them. Then I can indulge in all my grandmommy desires to help my kids and grandkids without breaking my bank! Thanks to HomemakerBarbi, we can all indulge in that kind of fun for them AND for us.

She has written a fascinating two-part series all about shopping for nice clothes and more and only paying 10 cents on the dollar, just by knowing where to shop and when!

My mom got so excited about this, she’s asked me three times to print the information out for her. Unfortunately, she had to wait until I got back home and reconnected my laptop to my printer. But you don’t have to wait! Just hurry on over to HomemakerBarbi’s for the first article on How to Save 90% on Kids Clothes . Immediately follow that by going to Part 2, Buying Cheap Kids’ Clothes . This article posts the best buying times for regular and thrift stores. I learned a lot from these articles and can’t wait to try them out! And not just for the grandkids clothes. I’m thinking jeans for me,  jackets for mom…. Talk about a great Frugal Tip for the Sandwich Generation!

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