Awww - blue jeans - dress up - and nap - a perfect combo for a sweet grandchild of this Sandwich Generation granny nanny

From Young to Old in This Sandwich Generation Family – Elastic Waist Blue Jeans and Pants Are Great!

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Isn't this a cute photo of one of my youngest grandkids' cute little toes sitting on my comfy lap (wearing my side-elastic waist blue jeans). 🙂 These tootsies belong to the youngest grandchild of this Sandwich Generation granny nanny - notice the comfy elastic waist blue jeans that help me keep up with him

Our Sandwich Generation family definitely loves our blue jeans – including the full elastic waist blue jeans (talk about cute comfort clothing)! They are wonderful for the very young grandbabies as they stay on nicely and are easy to change their diapers (as opposed to some fancy baby pants with zippers – NOT a favorite of this Sandwich Generation granny nanny!).

Awww - blue jeans - dress up - and nap - a perfect combo for a sweet grandchild of this Sandwich Generation granny nanny and her easy to use digital camera

For senior womens and mens needs when dealing with major health issues, the full elastic waist band on jeans, as well as other pants, makes them a good "comfort clothing" choice, nice for our elderly seniors parents, especially those who are stroke patients or are dealing with end stage Parkinsons Disease or other limited-range-of-motion problems.

My senior mom in elastic waist blue jeans and her gardening great-grandson in full elastic waist pants helping her-lovely family memories

Of course, this Sandwich Generation granny nanny REALLY appreciates the elastic in my jeans (and other pants as well) as my weight and tummy just seem to ebb and flow from day to day – that whole metabolism thing. 🙂 Then again, they also come in handy on sick days when you don't want too tight around your tummy, like this sweet grandchild had to deal with last month.

Everyone in my Sandwich Generation family loves jeans - including the grandkids and seniors - and most appreciate all elastic waist blue jeans - especially when we do not feel well

Can't forget all the stylin' kids and grandkids who just plain love jeans because they look so good!

Jeans are great for the whole Sandwich Generation family from grandkids to seniors and in between

Yup. Blue jeans are this Sandwich Generation family's good friends! 🙂  In fact, did you know that if you are struggling with incontinence in elderly dogs and granddogs, they have a variety of helps for that as well, including these really cute blue jeans with diaper pads for extra large dogs. 🙂  To be honest, I could have used something like these for my cat years ago when she was in the end stage of her cancer! 

Perfect for my sandwich generation family who loves their side and full elastic waist jeans and pants - jean piddle pants for dog and granddog incontinence


P.S. Can you tell I was having a good ole time with the grandkids and my easy to use digital camera? 🙂  I'm sharing them with Sweet Shot Tuesday and Rednesday too – join us. 🙂 

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  1. Elastic waste jeans aren’t just for grandbabies anymore! I have a pair of “jeggings” (jean leggings) that I absolutely love, and are SO comfortable. I’m all about comfort these days!
    Happy REDnesday,

  2. Hi Carol, Some of my granddaughters have those jeggings and LOVE them. And boy, I am so WITH you on comfort clothing! One less detail in life to be a bother. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. So true , comfort is at the top of my list for clothing these days! 8~)
    I love those red sandals , very cool !
    Love & Blessings,

  4. Aren’t those gorgeous, Myrna. Thanks to my arthritis, I haven’t gone near shoes like that in years. But once upon a time, I would have enjoyed them for a VERY short party. 🙂 She loves them though and is quite comfy in them.

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