From Rosemary Plants to Garden Wagons: Senior Gardening Update

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Senior gardening is great for physical activities for senior citizensIt's Sweet Shot Tuesday for the Sandwich Generation caring for elderly parents and granny-nanny-ing grandkids. I thought this would be a great day to show off my senior mom's awesome gardening skills and sweet utility garden wagon using my very fun and very easy to use Canon Powershot a1100is digital camera.  πŸ™‚

She loves to cook as well as garden and both are fun and healthy senior citizens activities. So a small vegetable garden with her version of raised garden beds – using pots – is perfect for her. Here's her cherry tomatos. Yummm, they are always delicious.

Yummy cherry tomato plants - very healthy according to her gardening book s

Bell peppers are another very healthy vegetable to grow and love growing side by side with tomatoes. Look, there are even have some green tomatoes growing away.

Delicious bell peppers and tomatos already growing - those vegetable gardening books are work well for her

In addition to planting a raised beds vegetable garden, she has her own mini herbal kitchen garden, complete with growing basil 

Fragrant basil - growing rosemary and herbs is so wonderfully aromatic s


Grow rosemary plants and you will never run out of dried rosemary s

rosemary plants. Did you notice the cute red snake in the basil photo? She buys kids' plastic snakes and puts them all around her plants to try to discourage the birds from taking early treats. Needless to say, the grandkids get quite a kick out of them.

How does she deal with all these pots when there's a nasty storm brewing? Simple. She pops them into one of her two garden wagons and takes them to the garage. She also easily moves them from sun to shade with these handy-dandy helpers of hers.

My senior moms utility garden wagons come in quite handy before a storm s

Well, there you have it. Sweet Shots Tuesday for the Sandwich Generation, with our latest senior gardening update. How is your garden doing? We'd love to hear and see! πŸ™‚

P.S. If you have a senior parent who is into their gardening in a big way, they might prefer heavier duty, but easy to use, Rubbermaid garden carts like this:

Very sturdy - heavy duty yet light weight Rubbermaid garden cart for serious senior gardening

And boy, my senior mom is going to want to check into this handy Rubbermaid cart to hold her gardening tools.

Handy Rubbermaid cart to hold tools for our senior parents and their gardening projects



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