Fort-ify the Fun Activities for Grandparents and Grandchildren With Battery Operated Candles and Lights

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These small battery operated lamps are very handy for the Sandwich Generation grany nanny and very safe for the grandkidsMy grandsons came to visit us after the last set of storms.  I hadn't yet tidied up and put away the flashlights and battery operated lamps we had out and they were quite excited when they saw my intriguing emergency lights set here and there for the power outage that, Praise God, did NOT happen.  

As these busy little grandkids hands show - battery operated lights like flashlights are quite a DElight

One of their favorite activities when they come over to visit my senior mom and myself is to turn our soft comfy couches and pillows into a variety of cool forts. When they saw those battery operated lamps, lights, and candles, they begged and begged to get to FORT-ify the couch, complete with blankets on top and lamps inside. Of course, this soft-hearted Sandwich Generation granny nanny said YES. After I helped them get all set up and we covered the top with the blanket, they had a blast playing with old and new LEGOs, space creature people, and the lights. It was wonderful!

Recipe for a perfect rainy day - a fort, old and new legos, battery operated lights and pillar candles, and sweet little grandchildren

See the red arrow? I just HAD to show you this last cute photo, taken with my easy to use digital camera, and complete with adorable head under the blanket. You can't see them, but there are HUGE smiles on three little faces there. 🙂 

Can you believe there are three grandchildren sitting in the Sandwich Generation granny nanny fort with battery operated lamps and candles

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  • This is just to adorable. I am very close to my grandma too but we never did do these kinds of activities. I like your post, it reminded me of my grandma. I miss her a lot.

  • Hi Julia, thanks for sharing your sweet family memories. I know just how you feel about missing your grandma, as I feel the same 🙂