Flexibility Is Vital For The Sandwich Generation

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Daily Living Made Easier

Flexibility is a great thing to have. For the Sandwich Generation, it can be absolutely essential. When we are juggling the needs of more than one person, not to mention ourselves, schedules can and often do collide. Using resources with flexible options can ease those schedules and lower our blood pressure.

In one week, a friend of mine had to deal with cataract surgery for an elderly relative who was fighting a cold; a bad case of the flu with the possibility of hospitalization for an immune-compromised child; and her own cold complete with runny nose and coughing. She was blessed to be able to deal with a great staff at the surgery center, who assured her that they could cancel the cataract surgery as late as the morning of, in case the patient was coughing too much or she was unable to assist due to one of the other situations erupting. Just knowing that relaxed her tremendously. As it turned out, God timed everything wonderfully and the surgery went smoothly as scheduled. The sweet child did have to go to the hospital for a few hours but came through it just fine, and they all got well within a week.

As stressful as that week was, we learned a valuable lesson. It never hurts to know your options. It’s always worthwhile to ask. The worst anyone can do is say no. If that happens, you are no worse off than before. But if they say yes, you have new options to help you deal with many of the different things going on in your life.

Daily Living Made Easier

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