The Eye Anatomical Chart

Eye Care News, Tips, and Resources for Boomers and Seniors

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Low vision issues can be a source of frustration for our elderly parents AND for many of us in the baby boomer generation. On top of vision quality going down in general as we age, there can also be new problems such as eye floaters and lights

The Eye Anatomical Chart

Turns out those can often be a natural part of the aging process and, while scary when it happens, often turn out to be a non-problem. BUT it's very important to realize that, even if a friend tells you, "Oh, those are no problem, I've had them for years," you can't just assume that you don't have to go into the doctor, or take your elderly parent in for a checkup. 

Of course, regular vision checkups are vital, but special checkups when something new happens to our eyes, like seeing little dots running across them or flickering lights on the sides, are vital. Yes, it takes up your valuable time (and all of us in the Sandwich Generation know how precious and rare that is, don't we!), and it can cost money.

BUT if you don't go in for that check up and it turns out those eye floaters and lights were trying to tell you that you had a serious problem like a detached or torn retina, that time and money will have been well spent. And if you get the good news that you're OK, well, that's the kind of news that's a big help for all of us busy baby boomers caring for seniors and grandkids! The peace of mind will be a tremendous blessing! 🙂


P.S. If you'd like a good resource on this subject, I just discovered that Reader's Digest has a new book out – Reader's Digest Guide to Eye Care. Per Amazon, "Detailed and thoroughly illustrated, Reader's Digest Guide to Eye Care is one of the most complete, all-inclusive, and up-to-date texts on the market. Experts in Ophthalmology, Weizer and Stein walk readers through eye basics, various eye diseases, treatments, and age-related conditions. Covering everything from mechanics and basic structure to the latest advancements in medical research, this book is both accessible and comprehensive." The topics discussed include 

  • What age-related conditions you should look out for, with clear explanations and symptoms
  • How to obtain eye comfort-relieve dry eye, headaches, eye pain, and excessive tearing
  • The vitamins and antioxidants that play a huge role in the health and anti- degeneration of the eye. 
  • How some eye issues can be indicative of other health problems, so that you can stay on top of all issues

If you'd like more information about this resource-full book, just click here. 🙂

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  1. Eye Care News, Tips, and Resources for Boomers and Seniors via – Low vision issues can be a …

  2. Eye Care News, Tips, and Resources for Boomers and Seniors

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