Encouraging words boomers and seniors via Christian Kaye Swain Roseville Sacramento REALTOR

Encouraging Words in the Midst of Mega Headaches

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Bloggy Woes

WOW! What a couple of weeks of not-encouraging bloggy headaches!

Encouraging words boomers and seniors via Christian Kaye Swain Roseville Sacramento REALTOR

I’ve been struggling with implementing a major update to my real estate site – giving readers there a great way to search for homes for sale in my local area. It was a big job and took hours though it should be well worth it. BUT in the midst of that, all my blogs crashed for a totally unrelated reason.

In the process of fixing that and making all my blogs more secure, including here at SandwichINK, I even lost some of my email access for my real estate sites. Needless to say, all of these struggles have been exhausting – physically, emotionally, and just plain frustratingly.

Encouraging Bible Verses and Songs

Monday, I was really feeling down when I got up which is very unusual as I’m a mega-morning person. I prayed and prayed and then did my Bible study. God so blessed and encouraged me with a wide variety of Bible verses including one passage from Jeremiah 32, “Ah Sovereign Lord, You have made the heavens and the earth by YOUR great power and outstretched arm. NOTHING is too hard for YOU.” That really lifted my spirits. It also brought to mind a praise hymn song I used to love.

Tuesday, I sat down and tried to find that song and thanks to YouTube, I found it!

Encouraging Others

The best part of all this was the power of those Scriptures this week. I have used these verses to encourage several others going through much more difficult situations than mine. Theirs are more and more common for all boomers and seniors. One friend in particular has been dealing with family deaths, illnesses, and extreme Alzheimer’s dementia in loved ones. Yet her love for God continues to shine through – encouraging others including me – so I was encouraged to share with her these sweet words. These verses also continued to encourage me throughout yesterday and today as these woes kept woe-ing! Happily it’s almost all fixed. I have one more thing to do tonight and then can get back to normal. I am praising God for that and for constantly reminding me of my own favorite reminders to my grandkids – Rejoice always, Pray without ceasing, and in EVERYTHING give thanks.

Not only that. As I was following a link on YouTube about Don Moen, who sang the song above, I discovered he has put together a new musical for churches to use in programs. Based on the lovely sampler, it must be an awesome beautiful program. And the sweet delight for those of us who don’t have it available locally, is that he has shared a sampler of the songs including my very favorite, This I Believe, along with many others to bless our devotional time, encourage us, and lead us in prayers for our nation which we direly need!   You can enjoy this at his website by clicking here. And if your church does musical programs, you might share this with your music pastor as well. 🙂

Encouraging us ALL

Here’s hoping all of us have a great rest of the week and terrific weekend. But regardless, that we know how wrapped in God’s arms and love we truly are.


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