Flowers bring a smile to the heart of the Sandwich Generation granny nanny and grandkids

Encouraging Flowers and Tips For Those of Us Caring For Our Elderly Senior Parents

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Flowers bring a smile to the heart of the Sandwich Generation granny nanny and grandkids

What happens to our beloved aging parents if we get sick, have a nervous breakdown, or experience some other physical impairment from caregiving stress burnout that keeps us from taking care of them? Some of us may have other family members ready to jump right in. The vast majority of those I talk to and read about do not. That's one of the reasons I continually encourage all of us in the Sandwich Generation to be sure we are "taking care of the caregiver" as well as the caree. 

One of my favorite ways of doing that is fun photography. I have a great and very easy to use Canon Powershot digital camera that I keep handy, along with the excellent camera in my iPhone, that is also so easy to use. As often as I can, when I spot sweet photos, I grab them. Many are of my grandkids, but I also enjoy snapping pictures of adorable critters like my granddogs as well as lovely flowers like these. 

My senior mom and grandkids love gardening activities

I love to use my digital camera that is easy to use to snap fun photos of grandkids flowers and more

As you can see from the photo taken by my easy to use digital camera - there are more lovely blooms to come

And I love to share them with you, to put a smile on your face and to encourage you as you go about your Sandwich Generation duties of caring for aging parents and babysitting grandchildren. I also enjoy sharing them on Sweet Shot Tuesday as well as Wordless Wednesday at 5 Minutes for Mom, both of which are interesting sites with great resources for all of us. Soooo, what's your favorite way of "caring for the caregiver?" We'd love to hear! 

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  1. Great shots of your flowers! I love day lilies they are so pretty. Thanks so much for stopping by, Laura

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