Encouragement for The Sandwich Generation to Keep Watching God

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Sweet encouragement for all of us in the Sandwich Generation from comforting Bible verses - sideBam! Clash! Crash! Thunder so loud you'd think it was IN the house instead of out! And loud enough to keep me up late in the night, even though my visiting grandson and senior mom slept right through the storm. And since he was well rested, we were BOTH up an hour early, with this Sandwich Generation granny nanny in dire need of some a.m. caffeine!

Then it was time to head for his great-grandma's therapy appointment. In spite of our "best laid plans," constant interruptions had us running late, teeth "on edge" and stressed up the ying yang! We made it, barely on time, then had to rush off again due to circumstances not in my control – the joys of the Sandwich Generation issues.

As I was driving, I turned on our Christian radio station and heard such sweetly encouraging words including:

My God is strong and mighty

My God is faithful

My hope is in the Lord

For He is able 

Definitely words of inspiration for this busy, and occasionally somewhat harried, granny nanny. 

Wondering who this was recorded by, I used one of my favorite iPhone apps, Shazam, to find out. Then I got a big smile on my face. "Shoulda known!" One of my fave Christian singers, Mark Shultz, singing All Things Possible.

It seems like every other time I hear great praise and worship music, full of words and Scriptures to lift my heart, it's Mark Schultz. I so appreciate him and his music ministry. It's definintely such a blessing for all of us in the Sandwich Generation, as is Spiritual Sunday.

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    • Nikki
    • August 19, 2012

    Great song. It’s amazing how music calms, especially music that reminds us He’s there…running with us.

  1. Amen Nikki, AMEN! 🙂

  2. Good song. I had not heard it before. Thank you for sharing.

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