full elastic waist pants for men that elderly women might enjoy as well

Elastic Waist Pant Tips for Elderly Parents

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Christmas in September?

We just got a BIG box of clothes from the UPS man today! Very fun! Christmas came early this year? Not really. It’s actually a combination birthday gift for me and fall shopping for my sweet senior mom. With mixed results, I’m afraid, including issues with the side elastic jeans and full elastic mens pants we ordered – which means some new pant tips for y’all! 🙂

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Spring Pant Shopping Challenges

Late in spring, my senior mom needed some new elastic waist pants. Unfortunately, the stores were full of shorts and swim suits but very few sweat pants like she often prefers. I did find one very nice pair of Champion men fleece pants – which are full elastic sweat pants at my Roseville Target. On sale and very thick and comfy. I found another pair of Champion fleece sweatpants online at Amazon. Again, only one pair.

Fast forward through a VERY hot summer and here we are on September 1. STILL hot, BUT the stores – online and off – think it’s fall headed to winter. Perfect timing for shopping for her new pants? Especially with the Labor Day sales going on everywhere.

Love Side and Full Elastic Waist Pants

Kaye Swain Roseville blogger Sandwich Generation caregiver loves Lee side elastic waist jeans

I spotted a big sale at one of my go-to department stores. I ordered some new pants for me – my faves. Lee Side Elastic Jeans in black and in indigo. I ordered two of those for her as well, along with some Champion fleece sweat pants with the full elastic waist. Since they are men’s sizes, I ordered them in medium as that usually works well for her. They’re so much easier for her to put on and take off nowadays. They looked the same online as the pair I bought at Amazon last spring.

Shopping Woes

Full elastic waist pants for men by Champion but thinner than Amazon

And wow! That order came in just a couple of days! Sadly, though, half of it needs to be returned. Some slippers I got my mom were too small. More importantly, the Champion elastic sweat pants were too thin. And the Lee Side Elastic jeans for my sweet mom turned out to be a man’s shirt that had been mislabeled. Here I thought I was doing so great – saving time and money and missing all the crowds. Instead, I’ll be heading up to the mall to brave the holiday shoppers with my exchange. Happily – it’s Labor Day and not Christmas or I’m sure the crowds would REALLY be big. I’m hoping they won’t be tooooo huge this weekend.

Not All Fleece Pants are Alike!

Full elastic heavy weight fleece pants for men work for elderly mom also

I’ll re-order the Lee side elastic jeans in the store and hope we really do get the jeans this time. But I headed back to Amazon for more of the Champion Fleece Sweats. While there, I noticed something I’d missed before. In the description it states,

full elastic waist pants for men that elderly women might enjoy as well

The pants I bought last spring are heavyweight fleece pants. No wonder my senior mom loves them. She freezes much easier than most people – and definitely easier than I. We keep the heater higher than I like and lower than she might prefer to give us a good in-between and then dress appropriately. These fleece pants will be a big help for her this winter! She’s not crazy about drawstring closures so I’ll be shopping in the stores as well, once the really warm winter stock is in. And THIS TIME, I’ll be checking for the weight of the pants as well as whether they are all elastic.

Watch Those Ankles

Another thing you might want to note with these pants. Unlike the kids’ sweatpants with the elastic at the ankle, these have no elastic at the ankles. So they are easier to put on and take off and look nicer. That’s especially helpful for elderly parents who would find it uncomfortable to keep adjusting the bottoms over their socks. Yet another of my little pant tips for y’all.

Elastic Pant Tips

Whether heavy-weight or light-weight, those full elastic pants and jeans are a real blessing to so many of our elderly parents, aren’t they? Easier to pull on and off. Even the Lee side elastic jeans are handier AND they ebb and flow nicely which many of us appreciate. What style of pants do your senior parents like?


P.S. Want more pant tips for elderly parents. Check out my post about mens’ pants. 🙂

P.P.S. One more of my elderly clothing pants tips – no matter what you buy, make sure your elderly parents try everything on fairly quickly, in case of returns. It astounds me that I can buy the exact same pair of pants – same size – maybe 2 different colors but that’s all. And have all four fit slightly different. Most of the time, they are OK. But I’m still irked about 4 jeans I bought many years ago. I tried one on and it was fine. Washed them all. Turned out of those 4 jeans – totally identical – only one pair fit. The other ran too small to be comfortable.  😉

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