The Sandwich Generation granny nanny ordered these white elastic shoe laces because I can use my Amazon Prime Discounts Membership for free shipping

Elastic Shoe Laces Are Comfortable and Easy for the Whole Sandwich Generation Family – Part Deux

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Baby boomers and senior citizens with arthritis pain in their feet consider it great news to find the right size of elastic shoe laces

Elastic shoe laces! I have a love-hate relationship with them. When they work well, they work GREAT. When they don’t, they are TERRIBLE. Recently, I wrote about the elastic shoe laces my senior relative was given during her hospitalization. They are so nice – wide, long, and seem to work very well.

I had asked how long they were and one of the staff told me 30 inches. Apparently they were longer than that. How do I know? I went ahead and ordered them without measuring and the ones I got were TOO short, and thus too tight. They ARE quite nice and seem quite sturdy. I just have shoes that are too big for them.

What’s a Sandwich Generation granny nanny to do with too tight elastic shoe laces? That’s easy. They’re all going in the mail to the long distance grandkids. They have cute kids tennis shoes that need laces and need some help with tying them, so these should be perfect.

As for me, I’m taking my own advice from the article and ordering longer ones from from I’ll keep you posted on how they work out, as that size can definitely be a useful resource for those of us in the Sandwich Generation with arthritis pain in our feet and wearing the bigger sports tennis shoes. 🙂 How about you? Do  you know of other stores that carry the longer elastic shoe laces

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    Elastic Shoe Laces Are Comfortable and Easy for the Whole Sandwich Generation Family – Part Deux With a caveat or…

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