The LEGO dinosaurs are a big hit with the Sandwich Generation granny nanny grandkids

Educational, Fun and Sad LEGO News For The Grandkids!

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The LEGO dinosaurs are a big hit with the Sandwich Generation granny nanny grandkidsWith grandkids on both coasts who LOVE old AND new LEGOs, not to mention my senior mom's OTHER sweet AND great-grandkids who are also fans, LEGOs are a constant source of fun, creative thinking, and comment for this Sandwich Generation granny nanny.

This week, they also ran the gamut of educational wonder to sadness, sorrow, and actual tears on the part of one of my grandkids! The educational part was the pleasure of enjoying a program, the Ultimate Factories – LEGO, put on by National Geographic. A very interesting show for my grandson and I enjoyed it as well. 

Sadly, that was followed with the very upsetting news that one of his favorite websites – LEGO Universe – is closing it's virtual doors permanently in about a month. They've apparently refunded all the fees and it is supposed to be open – including its premium site – to all for the remaining days but we weren't even able to do that successfully. I'm not sure if the issue was on their side or ours but it was a definitely frustration. 

 Coming on top of the sad news about also migrating PART of their tools to Google+ and closing down as well, it wasn't a fun tech week for this Sandwich Generation family. I have been busy learning new tips and tricks for the photos from my easy to use digital camera AND iPhone camera that I hope to be sharing with y'all over the next few months. And my grandkids were consoled somewhat with playing on along with some very fun new iPhone game apps for kids, like Dragonvale, not to mention playing with their actual LEGOs, so it wasn't all a totally depressing week. But still… So if you have LEGO-loving grandkids who have enjoyed LEGO universe, I wanted to make sure you were also aware of this. And in the meantime, I'll keep researching great options and reporting back to you. Don't forget…

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