Bicycling - whether on a tandem cruiser bike, an adult tricycle, or a traditional road bike - is great exercise and a lot more fun with good company s

Don’t Forget The Camera When Enjoying Active Boomers & Seniors Exercise

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Enjoying Seniors Exercise? Take the Camera!

As we’ve been discussing, off and on, at SandwichINK, making sure all ages in the family, from grandkids to seniors, exercise regularly is  excellent for all of our multigenerational family. And that includes bicycling! 

Kaye Swain Roseville REALTOR blogger sharing a beautiful off-road biking trail near Sun City Roseville for easy seniors exercise

Boomers & Seniors Exercise Great!

Healthy seniors’ exercise can work to help prevent things such as osteoporosis, it can be great for the heart, and it can lead to delightful activities with the kids and grandkids.  Not to mention the fact that all these fun exercise activities are just plain fun for both grandparents and their grandchildren. In addition, fun and healthy seniors exercise is great mentally as well, helping to raise your spirits in the midst of a hectic or stress-filled season of life. That’s definitely vital for all of us in the Sandwich Generation dealing with the issues of caring for elderly parents, some with major diseases like Advanced Parkinsons or dementia symptoms.

At Least Take the Smart Phone!

I had an opportunity to take my 5th metatarsal fracture , complete with my delightful black boot, and enjoy some healthy seniors exercise on a bike with a good friend earlier this month. While out and about I was so irked with myself when I realized I forgot to bring my new, easy to use, Canon Powershot digital camera. The scenery on the bike trail where she took me was gorgeous and I really wanted to take some pictures. Then I remembered I had my iPhone in my pocket. Hooray! I was able to snap several great shots, like the photo of the relaxing creek I posted a couple of weeks ago, and the ones above showing off some of the lovely biking trails where I live in Roseville CA. Some of these are located near our 55+ active seniors living retirement communities, like Sun City Roseville California, and all are used regularly by many seniors enjoying healthy exercise options. In fact, you’ll spot folks of all ages enjoying the trails and the fun!

Great Memories – Great Health

Thanks to the easiness of photos with the iPhone, grand encouragement from friends – online and off – and great opportunities for photos of grandkids, great scenery, and more, I’m really enjoying exercise AND photography a ton these days. And thanks to plenty of healthy boomers and seniors exercise options I enjoy – with and without the grandkids, I get even more fun photos to enjoy and to share! Awesome!

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