Best Weight Loss Secret of the Week Helps Caregiver Cut Calories Not Taste!

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As a member of the Sandwich Generation caring for elderly parents and grandchildren, I am often on call to do more than the average member of the Baby Boomers generation in the performance of my duties. Whether it’s helping my senior mom wrestle with a piece of furniture, playing dodge ball and tag with my grandkids (great activities for grandparents and grandchildren, I might add), or fighting the maddening crowds of the airport terminal and scrunched up airplanes, it keeps me busy, panting, and really glad I keep my eyes open for excellent and easy weight loss secrets to help me fight the battle of my “tummy bulge.”

As a child and young adult my biggest complaint was that I was too skinny . Now I look back and wish I still had those issues! Thanks to an aging metabolism, I am definitely not too skinny. I’m not overweight, but I do have a tummy that, on those lovely water-weight days, does pooch a bit. I have a 10 pound healthy weight zone that I actively work to stay within. Unfortunately, whenever I get to that lovely spot, I relax, zoom back up, then have to remind myself, "I want to lose weight."

I was talking to my real estate agent on the phone yesterday, while ordering from Taco Bell, and she laughed when she heard my order.

“I never thought to do that!” she exclaimed. “And I love both of those! I’ll have to start ordering that as well”

Hmmm, thought I. If she’d never thought of that, perhaps some of you haven't either. So just in case you haven’t and would like an easy tip to cut calories in half while keeping your NutraSweet intake low as well, here it comes. But first a preface. Overall, I eat relatively healthy. However I do like caffeine through the day to keep my energy up. (I know the pros and cons, but I’ve tried it both ways and I really do get a LOT more done with it 🙂 ). Unfortunately, I hate the taste of coffee, plus it gives me stomach aches. I love tea but for some reason it makes me really cranky. In addition, too much of it also gives me tummy aches. So my caffeine of choice is Pepsi or Cherry Coke.

And what’s that best weight loss secret of the week you may ask? I get my soda half and half. Half regular and half diet. It’s especially tasty if it’s regular cherry coke with the diet coke mixed. I know. It’s very simple. But it is yummy and it does save me calories. Saving calories definitely leads to effective weight loss! And every little bit helps!

For the small Pepsi at Taco Bell, which is what I always order, it works out to only be 100 calories instead of 200! Those kind of figures keep the numbers on my scale low, add no fat, and keep my caregiving energy high. To me, that's fairly healthy weight loss help. What do you think? What weight loss secrets have you discovered to help in the “battle of the bulge.” I’m always looking for interesting new ideas to help fellow members of the Baby Boomers and Sandwich Generation caring for elderly parents as well as helping with their grandchildren! 🙂

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