My grandkids have so much fun decorating these easy sugar cookies - and EATING them

Christmas Cookies in July For Grandma and Grandkids. How About You?

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My grandkids have so much fun decorating these easy sugar cookies - and EATING them

Christmas? In July? It's certainly not the first time for SandwichINK. But this time, it was with the long distance grandkids as we enjoyed baking our traditional sugar cookies in the midst of summer heat and fun trips to the park swimming pool. 

I originally started these during a late fall, holiday visit. But it's such a sweet and fun delight for all of us that we now make sure we decorate those easy refrigerator sugar cookies from Pillsbury each time I visit, no matter what the season or what the temperature. 

Decorating easy sugar cookies are a favorite family tradition for my Sandwich Generaton family

And I must say. These were the best of the bunch. (Of course, I think that every time. 🙂 ) The one problem we ran into this time was that I ran out of the gel toppings! OH NO! But it worked out fine. I dug around their cupboards and found some sprinkles left over from last year. And in the fridge, yummy white cream cheese frosting came to our rescue as well. 

We worked on it while their baby brother was sleeping which made the project a wee bit easier. Always a big help for a grandmother with a wide variety of ages, don't you think? And they did turn out quite delicious. This time, I had them bag their own cookies in separate sandwich baggies. Then I doled them out, one cookie per meal, for the next couple of days. 

Check out the lovely olive green my granddaughter came up with by combining colored gel with white frosting - creative fun and sweet family memories for this Sandwich Generation granny nanny

A sweet holiday time in the middle of summer! A true joy for grandma AND grandkids, indeed. And more delightful family memories to tuck into our hearts. Are you babysitting grandchildren this summer? No matter what the temp, a Christmasy kind of sugar cookie decorating day could be quite fun for you as well! 🙂 

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  1. Thanks Lisa 🙂 It’s such a sweet tradition, we just carry it on no matter what the season 🙂

  2. Definitely the sweetest Christmas in July activity I’ve seen yet! What a fun and different—and memorable—idea.

  3. Very “sweet”!! Amara and I do this often when she spends the night and using ready made dough and frosting just means more time for the fun — decorating and eating! Warning, last time we tried using the black gel — not very successfully. It was Wilton’s so it should have been good but it just ran really bad! As for eating them, she is pretty good about not eating too many — it is Grampy we have to watch!

  4. This has now given me the most awful craving for sugar cookies! 🙂

  5. 🙂 I know just what you mean, Debra 🙂

  6. What fun, Grandma Kc! Very interesting about the black gel. We used some last fall with no problem, but I don’t remember the brand name. I wonder if it was just a bad batch? Thanks for the heads up!

  7. Yes you had a sweet time! I have been wanting to bake with the kids but dread the oven being on. It’s so hot here! I decided to go with ice cream floats instead 🙂 Thanks so much for linking with me!

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