Lots of fun stickers for sticker crafts activities toddlers can enjoy with supervision

Easy St Patrick Day Crafts Activities for Toddlers and Seniors

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St Patrick Day Crafts Activities for Sandwich Generation Memories

St Patrick Day is right around the corner. It’s time to be thinking green the fun way. I’ve enjoyed making some simple St Patrick Day crafts activities plans for my grandkids that will also work well for our beloved elderly seniors. You know me! I’m all about easy crafts since that’s my personal skillset. Fortunately, it makes a good base for my grandkids who are all soaring well past my skills as they get older. But such sweet memories we all have shared over the years. So here are some fun and easy St Patrick Day crafts and activities for our Sandwich Generation family from toddlers to elderly seniors. 🙂

Happy St Patricks day activities for the Sandwich Generation can lift the spirits of the whole family from elderly parents to young grandkids 100Easy Sticker Crafts and Activities for Toddlers and Seniors

With a passel of grandkids across the country, cheap is a wonderful word. So I was thrilled to discover this batch of 20 sticker sheets that includes 1500+ stickers of a wide variety including animals, fish, stars, cakes, plants, and more. Not to mention several green things that will be fun for St Patrick Day crafts projects.

These cute stickers aren’t huge but they are a good size. Many are an inch+. Many are also smaller, which is pretty common with sticker packages. My favorite part is that they are all the puffy style of stickers. Those are much easier for me to take off the sheet and hand to my grand-toddler who then enjoys sticking them all over his project. It’s also easier for him to work with the stickers. I’ve found that he LOVES sticker crafts.

Toddlers are a bit more challenging when thinking up crafts and activities plans but I’m happy to say that usually with sticker activities toddlers can definitely enjoy them and do them easily. He enjoys sticker crafts as much as working with his littler markers. They’re easy to reuse too! AND they don’t fall apart easily or make it hard to get them off like some other cheapies I recently bought. Hooray!

Lots of fun stickers for sticker crafts activities toddlers can enjoy including for St Patrick Day crafts

Puffy stickers are also easier for my elderly mom to handle. For years she loved sending cards to all the grandkids for birthdays and holidays – including St Patricks Day – and she often decorated them with stickers like these. She’s not doing that as much, but if she decides to give them a try, I know she’ll enjoy using these puffy stickers. In fact, making greeting cards from scratch is one of those fun senior citizen activity ideas that work well for the grandkids too! And they’re easy to do with card stock and cute stickers.

Easy St Patricks Day Crafts Toddlers Preschool +

This year, I’m planning on re-using a simplified St Patrick Day craft “toddler-friendly” version of a past idea that was a hit with my older grandkids. Using green construction paper strips, I’ve made a little band for my grand-toddler to decorate. Since I had already ordered these cute stickers toddlers can use easily, I didn’t buy any shamrocks or more traditional stickers. After all, there are plenty of green animals and plants that will work well for his cute St Patrick Day crafts activities including this fun hat. In addition, we’ll have fun blowing bubbles and talking about the rainbow colors, especially the green, that we see in the bubbles.

A fun and easy St Patrick Day crafts activities toddlers will enjoy and elderly seniors will enjoy watching.

I’m also planning on these fun Saint Patrick Day crafts toddlers, preschool, and older kids can enjoy (you can find links for these on my Pinterest board – Grandkid-Fun):

  • Green playdoh
  • St Patricks Day shamrocks with google eyes glued onto toilet paper rolls
  • An adorable shamrock puppy
  • Leprechaun buddies that make me think of Paw Patrol



Easy Bible Crafts and Activities for Toddlers

I love fun and easy Bible crafts and activities for toddlers and preschoolers (all ages, really 🙂 ). I enjoy using some of the ideas from Play Through the Bible and various other toddler crafts sites to share God’s love with my grandkids in fun and creative ways. We just finished learning about Abraham, his love and trust in God, and his joy in learning that God always keeps His promises for God is faithful!

Abraham easy crafts for toddlers preschool by Kaye Swain Roseville CA

This week, we are taking a break from Bible stories to enjoy some fun St Patrick Day craft activities for toddlers, preschoolers, and older kids including Bible-based activities focusing on the Trinity. Perfect timing since Patrick is reputed to have been kidnapped from his home and forced into slavery in Ireland for several years. While in slavery he came to know Jesus as His Savior and Lord. Once he escaped and went home, he went into ministry. Later he returned to Ireland to share God’s love and forgiveness with them. It is said he used the 3-leaf shamrocks to explain the Trinity – Father, Son Jesus, and Holy Spirt / 3 people, 1 God.

I’ve decided we’ll work on the Bible verse, Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. A great way to talk about being a missionary AND the Trinity AND St Patrick, don’t you think? 🙂

St Patrick Bible verse page Make disciples Name of Father Son Spirit by Kaye Swain Roseville CA

Fun Activities and Ideas for The Sandwich Generation Family

I hope you enjoyed these fun St Patrick Day craft activities for your family from toddlers on up to elderly seniors. You can find more at my Pinterest Board, Grandkid-Fun, and my YouTube playlist, Holiday Joys. And yes! We’d love to hear YOUR ideas. Just leave them in the comments below or pop on over to my Facebook page – SandwichINK For The Sandwich Generation – and share away. 🙂

Have a blessed and beautiful St Patrick Day and all sorts of fun crafting for it and on it.




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