Happy Pink Saturday from This Sandwich Generation grandmother and her senior mom who is missing gardening but loving the snow - mostly

Easy Arts and Crafts and Activities for Senior Citizens and Their Grand kids On Christmas Eve and Beyond

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The Sandwich Generation granny nanny loves to enjoy the easy sugar cookies my long distance grandkids make - and no calories in the picturesIt’s Christmas Eve! And if you are babysitting grandchildren, are they as uber-excited as mine are? Oh. My. Gracious! 🙂 They are so cute and so fun and SO full of energy, aren’t they? So just for you (and my grandkids too), here are some great resources full of fun and easy cooking and crafts ideas for the kids and us seniors to keep us busy while school is out – before AND after Christmas. Perfect for our whole Sandwich Generation families. 🙂 Enjoy.

Of course, my old favorites also have plenty of fun ideas and easy crafts:

This discovery eco friendly cardboard playhouse to color is similar to my grand kids cardboard play house coloring castle other than the roof and they love itAnd one other idea if you are headed for Walmart or another store that carries these. My Walmart had a fun kids cardboard play house coloring castle by RoseArt – they were about $20 and are very similar to the picture of the Discovery eco friendly cardboard playhouse to color pictured on the left, only without the roof.  I set it up in the grandkids playroom, with the help of my oldest grandson. We designated specific areas for each grandkid to color. ( Here’s a shot I took before they started coloring.)

I used my easy to use digital camera to take this picture right after my grandchild and I set it up

I was sweetly pleased to find that they all enjoyed some coloring time, and some playing inside time! Even the oldest grand got into the spirit of the things and decorated the fairy most delightfully. I’m sure they’ll keep enjoying playing in it through the winter and by the time it falls apart, hopefully spring will have sprung and their bikes will be back in business. 🙂  And, of course, if you have a big packing box, that would work quite well also. You might want to draw some big pictures on them when the grands aren’t there. Then let them color them in. It sometimes helps to have a specific thing to color rather than a big blank surface. 🙂

Fun and easy snowflake crafts for grand kids and seniors to enjoyLots of fun ideas and easy crafts for the whole family – from kids and grandkids on up to sweet seniors. Plenty to keep us busy on this day of heightened excitement and throughout the New Year til school starts, and beyond. 🙂 Merry Christmas Eve from our Sandwich Generation family to yours.

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