Easy clothes elderly parents appreciate long sleeved mens shirt magnet buttons Silverts

Easy Clothing for Our Elderly Parents With Magnetic Buttons

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Lovely clothes with magnetic buttons for women from Silverts

Easy Clothes Elderly Parents Appreciate

While working on my post, Easy Clothes Seniors Enjoy Thanks to Velcro, I discovered something new-to-me that you may not know about either. Another cool idea that creates easy clothing for our elderly parents! Did you know you can buy clothes that use magnets instead of buttons! That’s right!

DIY Magnetic Buttons Clothing

Not only that! Just like with velcro, you can actually transform their current wardrobe into easy clothing elderly can fasten themselves fairly easily. I found two YouTube videos that demonstrate how to add magnet buttons to your senior parents clothing.

This one shows how to sew on a magnetic button on a pair of pants:

And this one shows how to sew magnetic buttons onto any of your clothes:

Less Stress Magnetic Buttons Clothing

Great tips for all seamstresses everywhere. For those of you who, like me, are NOT sewing-inclined, or who don’t have the time, energy or desire to add to the stress of caring for a beloved elderly parents, YES! There are stores that carry easy clothing elderly parents can put on more easily with the help of magnetic buttons. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite clothing stores that offer magnetic button clothes.


Adaptive Clothing & Footwear by Silvert’s is a favorite store of mine when looking for easy clothing for my elderly parents and relatives. They offer a wide variety of quality clothes for seniors. AND they do carry some clothing for elderly men and women that use magnetic buttons.

Magnetic Buttons Apparel from MagnaReady

“Dressing with dignity,” “Functionality for everyone,” So says the website for MagnaReady. According to FoxNews, MagnaReady’s easy clothing elderly appreciate was inspired by the husband of a North Carolina woman who designed this adaptive clothing for disabled men and women. And we are so grateful, aren’t we! Not only that, Amazon carries some of the clothes by this company. Check these out:

MagnaReady Magnetically Inflused Blue Chambray Mens Long Sleeve Dress Shirt

MagnaReady Magnetically Infused Navy & White Grid Mens Long Sleeve Dress Shirt

MagnaReady Magnetically Infused Grey & White Bengal Stripe Mens Long Sleeve Dress Shirt

Amazon describes these shirts as being made with a “clean-cut, classic style.” These easy-on and easy-off Magnetically-Infused Dress Shirts feature “magnetized closures at front plackets and cuffs that allow ease of dressing.” Their “classic fit is a generous cut through the chest and body with spacious shoulders and sleeves” and they feature an “easy care fabric finish with stain resistance and wrinkle release for longer-lasting wear.” Most importantly, they have “full-length magnetic-button closures and long sleeves with magnetic-button cuffs.” Very nice and easy clothes for seniors to put on and take off. Here are more:

The prices look to be the same as buying directly from MagnaReady but they are Prime ready so for those of us with Amazon Prime, there is no charge for 2 day shipping.

For women’s easy clothes for seniors from MagnaReady, I’ve only found them available directly from MagnaReady. They have two long-sleeved shirts available. You have the option to pay with credit card or paypal and it does look like they charge for shipping.

Easy Clothing for Elderly Men

Check out these sharp looking shirts for seniors! (Click here or on the photos for full details.) I like the way they have plenty of material to tuck in or to hang nicely giving nice options for senior parents wearing full elastic waist pants. A great feature for elderly clothing needs! 

Easy clothes elderly parents appreciate long sleeved mens shirt magnet buttons Silverts

Silverts specializes in adaptive elderly clothing like this shirt many elderly men would love includes magnetic buttons

While my dad loved comfortable clothes like his golf shirts, come Sunday or any other special outing, he was always wearing something like this. How about yours?

Easy Clothing for an Elderly Woman

Easy clothing elderly Parents and relatives can manage

Adaptive Clothing & Footwear by Silvert’s has our sweet senior moms covered too! Isn’t this a lovely blouse? Definitely easy clothing for seniors thanks to the magnet buttons that it incorporates. Click here or on the photo for details of this lovely magnetic buttons apparel.

Lovely easy clothes for beloved elderly woman with magnetic buttons

Handy Video of Magnetic Button Clothes

Amazon Carries Magnetic Button Clothes

Yes. Amazon also carries a small selection of these easy clothes elderly appreciate. Like this handsome white shirt for men.

And this lovely blue blouse for women.

Caveats for Magnetic Buttons Apparel

Two important things to note when researching magnetic buttons clothing.

  2. I have bought some velcro clothing for my seniors mom. Recently I bought a lovely blouse with velcro buttons. Previously I had purchased a bra that fastened in the front with velcro buttons. She can wear them and does like them. But they have still been a bit challenging for her as they are different than what she is used to and that is becoming more problematic for her. They are still MUCH more easy than her clothes with small buttons and clasps so I very much recommend them for elderly women and men. But do realize that depending on how your senior parent is doing physically and mentally can also make a difference.

In addition, you may be wondering about washing/cleaning these easy clothes for our elderly parents. After all, we want their laundry chores to be easy too. While researching for my senior mom and later for writing this post, I spotted some questions at Amazon that peaked my interest as well. Of course, always start with the clothing item’s care instructions. But in addition, customers had written in to say,

  • One wrote that theirs were “machine washable. It is suggested that magnetic fasteners be closed in the dryer.”
  • Another takes theirs to a cleaners. Per their cleaner, “The laundry doing my work requires “hand laundering and pressing” rather than machine laundering and pressing. It is more expensive but worth it. The shirt is really easy to wear and looks good. I plan to get more.”
  • And apparently, magnets and buttons do share something in common. I’ve had this happen too, haven’t you? 🙂 “It does like most other shirts but did have a problem with one of the magnets coming loose.”

One other consideration. As you may have noticed from the photos above, these shirts all come with buttons on the front, just as a form of decoration. That’s how the velcro clothing elderly enjoy, like my senior mom’s velcro blouse, works. It looks nice, but it can possibly be confusing for those caring for aging parents dealing with dementia. For that situation, you might want to consider only easy clothing for elderly that fastens in the back. Hopefully then there should be less/no confusion for your beloved parents.

Easy Clothing for Our Elderly Parents With Magnetic Buttons

Easy Clothing Elderly Parents Enjoy

I have to say, I am intrigued by these options for easy clothing elderly parents can handle thanks to the magnetic buttons and will definitely be checking it out for my moms. How about you?





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