The messiness of these Resurrection Easter Eggs is a reflection of the fun my grandkids and I had with them

Easter Week Fun and Frolic For Grandparents and Grandchildren

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The messiness of these Resurrection Easter Eggs is a reflection of the fun my grandkids and I had with themHappy Easter Week! I had really thought my grandboys had outgrown our fave Easter tradition – the Easter Resurrection Eggs. But when I asked them about that, I was thrilled to hear them all say, “NO! We LOVE those! We want to do them again.” And do them again, we did. Or is that Did them again. 🙂  Anyway, we thoroughly enjoyed this wonderful Easter treat. I hid the eggs – 24 (since I have two sets). They found them. Then they helped me retell this wonderful and true story of Jesus’ last week on earth, from the ride on the donkey into Jerusalem to the Last Supper to the Prayer at Golgatha to the Resurrection to the last egg – which is empty…because HE’S ALIVE – shouted quite loud by all of us. And we finished just in the nick of time – right as mom and dad walked in from their date. So I bundled all into the egg crates and brought them home.

And now, I’ll ask big sis to put them all back properly for me. It’s the kind of thing she is really good at and enjoys. And, hopefully, she will also enjoy fun memories of her younger years when we did this together regularly as well. AND THEN, she can share them with her cousins when they get together. Talk about “the gift goes on!”

The eggs, along with listening to the dramatized version of the Easter story from both their Action Bible and the dramatized version of the book of John in the GoBible, coupled with reading the story together a couple of times this past two weeks were our main Easter preparation this year. Between them AND me being extra busy AND them staying busy playing with friends, our craft project times are rare. But in case y’all are still having fun with them, here’s some grand ideas we ALWAYS enjoyed thoroughly.

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Have a blessed and beautiful Easter week with your Sandwich Generation family and friends! And Happy 100 to the Grand Social!

P.S. If any of your grandkids like Francesca Battistelli (Several of grandkids love her music – and so do I. She sets a great example and is a terrific musician!), she is releasing her latest album – the first in quite a while – next Tuesday. A wonderful Easter gift !  Click here for details – and be sure to check out the cd/free mp3 “rip” option BUT notice – you can’t order it as a gift to get that. You have to order it regular which means the price will show on the receipt. If you are ok with that (I was) they will get the CD and the mp3 version – a sweet treat for parents, grandparents AND grandkids.   🙂

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  1. My daughter used to do the Resurrection Eggs with her students (she taught in a Lutheran school). The kids loved it. A tangible lesson. Thank you for sharing. And Happy Easter week to you and yours! xoxo

  2. Happy Easter Kaye! I hope it is a wonderful one for you and yours.

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