Double Duty iPhone App for the Sandwich Generation Caregiving Grandparents

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I love my AT&T Apple iPhone - its great for the Sandwich Generation dealing with the varied issues of caring for elderly parent s

Are you, like me, finding the Apple iPhone to be a useful tool in juggling the many Sandwich Generation issues, including caring for elderly parents? For those who are, I've a few more iPhone apps to add to the senior home care giver apps I wrote about in 16 iPhone Apps For The Sandwich GenerationI'll be sharing one today and more over the next few weeks.

For the never-aging Baby Boomers Generation, caring for elderly parents with dementia symptoms, Alzheimers Cards might be quite useful for you. Based on a book series by Dan Koffman, Simple Pleasures for Special Seniors, this $1.99 app includes three books – Fruits, Fun Foods, and Hand Tools. Each book is a series of photos with a title describing what the photo is. According to the instructions, "These cards are the same images used in the acclaimed book series, and have been researched and carefully constructed to avoid any mental confusion in dementia or Alzheimers patients." This app could be quite handy for caregivers when waiting in the doctor's office, standing in line, etc. with their senior parent who is struggling with dementia symptoms.


The books on this iphone app can be a good resource for the Sandwich Generation caring for elderly parents with dementia symptoms


The purpose of the photos is to show them to your elderly parent and use them as an opportunity to talk, share, and even create new and special family memories. To quote the site,"Each Simple Pleasures for Special Seniors© book focuses on a familiar aspect of life and is filled with simple, bold photo illustrations of familiar objects easily recognizable to most Special Seniors."  [Similar to the apple above.] "With no storylines or characters to cause confusion or frustration, Simple Pleasures provides a positive alternative to written books, magazines and television programs." The hard-copy books and more information can be found at Simple Pleasures For Special Seniors Books

A senior parent with dementia symptoms can still read to his great grandchildren using these special seniors books

An added bonus for the Sandwich Generation Granny Nanny or Pappy is that this app is also fun for reading activities for grandparents and their very young grandchildren.  You might even be able to triple the pleasure by giving the great grandparent a chance to "read" to their great-grandchildren. What a nice way to encourage a senior parent and build delightful family memories!


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