Dots Keep Grandparents Un-Dotty

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Do you have several grandkids close to the same size? Do you have problems keeping track of which clothes go to which grandchild when they are visiting you or you are at their house?

Here’s a trick I learned when my kids were young, which my daughter recently reminded me of. Use DOTS to keep yourself from going just plain DOTTY!  🙂

The biggest grandchild’s clothes are all marked on a label or the inside of the item with one dot. We use a permanent black marker that makes fairly good sized dots. That definitely helps with older eyes. The next child’s clothes are marked with two dots, the next one with three dots, and so on. When the first grandchild outgrows their clothes and the items are passed down to the next child, just add a dot.

When you head for the closet, drawer, or dryer, sorting clothes is a snap with the dots. Just put all the single dots in one pile, double dots in another pile, and so on. It even makes it easy for the younger grandkids to help you sort and fold their own clothes. You’ll find it makes life a lot easier and us a lot less dotty! 🙂  🙂  🙂

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  1. What a great idea! I’m nowhere near being a grandparent (I don’t even have my own children yet), but I’m sure this is a very useful tip for those that have a lot of grandkids coming in and out of the house. I wonder how Grandma and Grandpa kept all of us straight. Even today, my parents and grandparents will sometimes call out the wrong name and go through the catalog before arriving at the right one…I can only imagine how they sorted the clothes!

  2. Hi Michelle, You are so right. My kids’ grandparents did that with the names and then they’d warn us, just you wait, you’ll do the same. They were RIGHT! Now if there was just a way to keep from “going dotty” with the names 🙂

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