The Sandwich Generation granny nanny has been shopping for grandkids and looking at the Nintendo DS Lite

Do Your Grandkids Like Nintendo DS? Some Fun Christmas Gifts Ideas for Grandchildren

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Last year, the great Wii products from the consoles to games for kids AND seniors, were the hot topic amongst my grandkids and myself. This year, though, they seem to have “gone back to the future,” so to speak, with Nintendo DS. Those are definitely a step up from their old gameboys. And, of course, all of them make fun Christmas gifts ideas for grandchildren! We found a great deal on them used at GameStop – and for a bit more, we got a 2 year warranty on each player.

Since we have already celebrated Christmas with this group of grandkids, they got them a week ago. Two of the grands have thoroughly enjoyed their used games, while the third got a lemon – twice! But each time, I took it back in and the young men at GameStop swapped it out quickly, and we were on our way. And the third time has definitely been the charm for him. Hopefully for good now. (2017 update – this was originally written a few years ago – check with Gamestop on their current warranty options before buying.)

Nintendo DS make fun christmas gifts ideas for grandchildren

I found out later, we might have been able to buy them brand new from Target for only a bit more, with a two year warranty as well, though their warranty is $7. But it would have meant ordering it online for most locations. And I have to say, the GameStop deal is very handy and very easy, so we’re quite pleased overall.

And wow! Check out these Nintendo DS Fun Christmas gifts ideas for grandchildren from Amazon:

For DS games, there are also a lot of choices. Here are several to buy or to give you some great Christmas gift ideas for your grandchildren:

If your grandkids are also still DS enthusiasts, I would be starting with Amazon and GameStop. How about you and your Sandwich Generation family? Looking for fun Christmas gifts ideas for grandchildren and have more suggestions for us?  We’d love to hear.


Updated 2017


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