Websters giant print dictionary books are a great resource for boomers and seniors with aging eye issues - including our senior parents

Dictionaries Are Great Resources For the Whole Sandwich Generation Family

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Websters giant print dictionary books are a great resource for boomers and seniors with aging eye issues - including our senior parentsDictionaries, dictionaries, dictionaries! It's definitely been the week for them in my Sandwich Generation family! My senior mom always has her light-weight, large-print paperback dictionary handy and loves it. She uses it whenever she writes her cards and notes to her friends and family and wouldn't trade it for nothin.' 

My granddaughter needed a dictionary for a special project this week. I suggested adding the dictionary app I have to her iTouch that she received at Christmas but she wanted a hard copy. I had recently lucked into a not-too-old used set of encyclopedias from the library for a whopping $2! I thought it had a dictionary with it, but when we looked – no luck. Later that day, I took her home and we checked in her room. Guess what! I had already given it to her and it was sitting on her bookcase just waiting for this project. 🙂

My grandsons are loving their new home schooling computer program they work on daily and this week, one was even learning all about dictionaries and encyclopedias.

And I, the Sandwich Generation granny nanny, have been having a blast with many in my family playing the Word With Friends game apps and exercising all our brains. It's been a very busy two weeks, but playing those words are easy to sneak into the seconds we spend standing in line and give me a bit of fun and a huge smile as I virtually giggle with friends and family. 🙂 

As a result of our games-playing, I added some new dictionary apps to my already useful and free Dictionary! app:

  • Word Lookup is a dictionary and anagram finder for word games like Words With Friends, Scrabble, and crossword games. Use it to resolve a 'challenge,' improve your game, and learn new words and their meanings. There is both a free version and an upgraded version for 99 cents.
  • WordWeb – An English dictionary and thesaurus: fast searching, spelling suggestions, definitions, usage examples, synonyms, related words – and no ads. Free app.
  • The Free Dictionary by Farlex – as it says, it's a free app and it's great! 

I also have two medical dictionaries that come in handy with caregiving AND Words With Friends:

  • MedAbbreviations: Medical Abbreviations Reference – Provides instant access to over "thirteen thousand" abbreviations, including medical terms, common shorthand, and professional associations and organizations. Provides fast search and fast scanning. 99 cents. It's an excellent app that helps us understand the different abbreviations that may up with medical treatments
  • Medical Dictionary online – I bookmarked this to my iPhone home page – it's a very handy site, as well. 🙂 

All these dictionaries are quite useful to most, if not all of us, in the Sandwich Generation – whether for our grandkids, our senior parents, our medical needs, or just plain having fun with brain exercise games like Scrabble, Hangman, Boggle, or the Words With Friends game apps. There are many other apps, as well – many of which can actually "do the work" of figuring out the words to help us win. But I generally skip those, as I want the brain exercise – for myself AND for my grandkids. How about you? And have you got any great dictionary resources to share with us? We'd love to hear. 🙂 

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