Caregiver Tip – Diaper Rash Treatments Aren’t All Created Equal

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Talking Diaper Rash Treatments

Diaper rash! It’s the bane of a child’s existence not to mention the parents and grandparents who love him. Most of the time it is pretty easy to deal with. Change her often, use one of the good diaper rash treatments available and soon it’s all gone. But what happens if it doesn’t go away. What happens if it gets worse? For that matter, what happens if it’s not a child?

Cute baby dealing with diaper rash treatments for SandwichINk for the Sandwich Generation

Diaper Rash Treatments for Young and Old

For those of us dealing with a wide variety of the Sandwich Generation issues, it could even be a problem for both our elderly parents suffering from adult diaper rash, as well as our grandchildren! But fear not, fellow travelers, there are some great options out there. When one of my grandchildren with health issues had severe problems with diaper rash, we tried everything while trying to find the best diaper rash treatments available – be they cream or ointment. We tried my favorite, Desitin (I prefer the original ointment, not the cream). It may be messy but it works wonderfully – most of the time. But not this time.

Trial and Error Led to a Great Option

We tried A&D Ointment. Again, it works often, but not this time. We even tried Bag Balm Ointment. While we have many friends who swear by this, it didn’t help our situation. Finally, a wonderful doctor suggested Boudreaux Butt Paste. I have to be honest. I wasn’t crazy about the name! But the stuff works. It works GREAT! It isn’t cheap. But it is well worth the cost and I have to admit, it smells better than my favorite, Desitin. It is DEFINITELY one of our top two diaper rash treatments and I always have it on hand!  Walmart usually has it. And Amazon carries several sizes. When I can, I prefer the biggest container as it usually saves the most money. It’s also the handiest size around the house, so to me it’s well worth it.  (Before you try this or the next item, however, you should check with your doctor regarding such a severe rash. In all cases, our doctors recommended these products to us.)  We primarily use the one that comes in the yellow boxes, like the picture above. 

If All Else Fails We Turn to This

If all these diaper rash treatments fail and the rash is getting worse, I would definitely call the doctor again. When you do, you might also ask them about Calmoseptine Ointment (though to me, it’s more of a cream). I only recommend it if nothing else works and the doctor approves. I put some on one time to test it, and it reminded me of putting Bengay on my achy joints. It stayed warm and weird all night long! After that, I totally understood why my grandchild wasn’t fond of it, but it did help A LOT! When he has a very severe rash, he definitely likes it much better! And yes! Amazon carries it as well! 

Great for the Whole Sandwich Generation Family

The nice thing about all these diaper rash treatments is that they are not age specific. In other words, all of us Sandwich Generation senior home care givers can use it for those elderly relatives who might have problems from incontinence or other issues. For that matter, they can also be useful as a gentle, yet effective, external hemorrhoid home treatment. Again, PLEASE doublecheck with your doctor, as there may be other issues involved as well! 

One Last Tip for the Sandwich Generation

One other tip for all ages. We know that it’s vital to clean the area totally each time. Sometimes this is difficult due to the matter sticking to the skin, or being gritty and sticky. It might not want to come off, or if it does, it causes our loved one, whether a grandchild or an elderly parent, quite a bit of pain. I’ve found that if it is sticking even when using diaper wipes or wet cloths, you can use whatever ointment or cream you have available to help with the cleaning. Just put a little amount of the diaper ointment or cream on the skin, take a soft damp cloth or diaper wipe, and spread the ointment or cream around a bit. Then wipe gently and the cream or ointment will help clean the area much easier with less pain. When all is clean, apply more of whichever of the diaper rash treatments you are using. Then take a big sigh of relief as you and your loved one both feel much better.


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